Succession Planning

The growth of any organization relies heavily on having a strong leadership team that is highly qualified and dedicated to fulfilling your mission and goals. Planning proactively for change in executive leadership is essential to ensuring the continuation of the successful operation of the organization and avoiding the fallout that often occurs during transitions in executive leadership. When executive leadership changes are on the horizon, LeaderStat's consultants partner with you to create a succession plan that maintains stability and ushers a seamless transition in leadership. 
Succession Planning engagements can be customized to best align with your company's goals and objectives but most often include:
  • Implementing analysis tools to determine how the leadership team navigates the difficult situations incumbent with leadership, especially where circumstances can be volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous
  • Completing a culture assessment and evaluation of the current state of the executive leadership team
  • Establishing the purpose of the leadership role(s) in filling the organization’s mission and goals
  • Determining the skills and expertise needed for superior performance in the leadership role(s)
  • Defining the communication, recruitment, and selection strategy for the leadership role(s)
The overall health of an organization starts at the top. Implementing a Succession Plan will ensure your organization continues to grow and positively impact the lives you care for.
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