Leverage MDS. Improve accuracy. Get the revenue you are entitled to receive.

MDS is the key driver for Medicare payment and many Medicaid reimbursement systems. MDS is especially critical for long-term care providers. A small adjustment in your case mix score can mean a significant increase in revenue that you’re entitled to.

Our consultants work with you to assess your organization’s performance and identify opportunities to enhance both financial and clinical outcomes by:

  • Ensuring accurate MDS assessments
  • Making sure reimbursement rates correctly reflect patient acuity levels
  • ADL scoring accuracy
  • Enabling backup documentation to support your RUG scores

We provide the training, tools and support you need to put your reimbursement worries to rest, including:

  • Offsite and on-site support and training for MDS and RUG IV
  • Case mix and reimbursement review
  • Evaluation of documentation systems to measure compliance
  • Benchmarking tools and quality measurement analysis
  • Operational support for IDT process, staffing ratio, and other clinical processes
  • Assisting in MDS Nurse Coordinator hiring

Please contact us to begin improving your reimbursement rates.