Implement a quality improvement program with guidance from the experts.

At LeaderStat, we don’t just identify quality issues and audit survey preparedness, we help implement sustainable improvement solutions. We work with nursing homes to develop and implement ongoing quality improvement plans, including CMS-compliant QAPI programs.

QAPI Training and Consulting

Does your skilled nursing community need assistance to be in compliance with a Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) program?

With the many changes and new requirements that aim to improve the quality of life, care and services in healthcare, a QAPI program is needed.

LeaderStat helps with:

  • Program design and scope
  • Program feedback, data systems and monitoring
  • Systematic identification, reporting, investigation, analysis and prevention of adverse events
  • Staff education and training

LeaderStat has certified QAPI trainers that will share the differences QAPI will bring to your clinical and operational systems and outcomes, helping your organization move forward, provide better care and improve resident satisfaction.

Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP):

 Long-term care facilities must establish and maintain an emergency preparedness program that complies with all applicable Federal, State and local emergency preparedness requirements. The emergency preparedness requirements ensure adequate planning for both natural and man-made disasters, and coordination with federal, state, tribal, regional and local emergency preparedness systems. The EPP must include, but not be limited to, an emergency plan, policies and procedures, a communication plan, training and testing, and emergency power systems.
Creating a disaster management plan can be challenging and overwhelming. LeaderStat consultants can conduct EPP mock surveys and provide tools, resources and help establish a system for your organization should a disaster or emergency occur.

EMR Implementation & Consulting -
Improve efficiency and patient outcomes with technology.

Electronic medical records increase efficiency, save money and improve patient outcomes. But implementation alone doesn’t ensure that your organization will reap the benefits of an EMR system. Software updates and staff turnover can create a need for additional training and support. Our experienced EMR consultants provide expertise with everything from system selection and implementation to training and ongoing support. Our services include:

  • System vetting and selection
  • Implementation and training (on-site and remote)
  • Ongoing support and refresher training

We also can provide expertise in systems such as PointClickCare, Cerner, AOD, and many others.

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Leadership and Organizational Development

 The success of any healthcare organization relies heavily on having a strong leadership team that nurtures a thriving work culture, builds emotionally intelligent teams, and develops each team member’s unique talents to fulfill your mission and goals. LeaderStat’s consultants partner with you to define the culture of the organization and leadership team, uncover attributes of the current leadership team, deepen understanding of self and others, and determine development and hiring practices to further move the organization forward.
Leadership and Organizational Development engagements can be customized to best align with your company's goals and objectives but most often addresses the desire to:
  • Improve levels of engagement, loyalty, and commitment to the organization
  • Quickly build cohesion among the leadership team and improve communication
  • Increase the team’s ability to navigate change effectively
  • Increase retention and stability among the leadership team and among staff
  • Gain momentum in achieving clinical, operational, and financial goals

Succession Planning

 The growth of any organization relies heavily on having a strong leadership team that is highly qualified and dedicated to fulfilling your mission and goals. Planning proactively for change in executive leadership is essential to ensuring the continuation of the successful operation of the organization and avoiding the fallout that often occurs during transitions in executive leadership. When executive leadership changes are on the horizon, LeaderStat's consultants partner with you to create a succession plan that maintains stability and ushers a seamless transition in leadership. 
Succession Planning engagements can be customized to best align with your company's goals and objectives but most often include:
  • Implementing analysis tools to determine how the leadership team navigates the difficult situations incumbent with leadership, especially where circumstances can be volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous
  • Completing a culture assessment and evaluation of the current state of the executive leadership team
  • Establishing the purpose of the leadership role(s) in filling the organization’s mission and goals
  • Determining the skills and expertise needed for superior performance in the leadership role(s)
  • Defining the communication, recruitment, and selection strategy for the leadership role(s)
The overall health of an organization starts at the top. Implementing a Succession Plan will ensure your organization continues to grow and positively impact the lives you care for.

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Compensation Consulting 

LeaderStat partners with clients to identify, and implement the pay programs the client needs. Our consultants provide expert advice and offer practical solutions that are tailored to each client’s individual needs, including:

  • Total Compensation Assessment and Gap Analysis: benchmark analyses to help an organization understand the design and value of its external total compensation and reward program and competitive position in the industry and marketplace.
  • Develop salary administration programs and structures that provide management with necessary tools and information to effectively communicate and manage employee pay
  • Design achievement-based recognition and reward programs that link a company’s business strategy and goals to all elements of the reward system
  • Develop solutions to ease the administrative workload in managing on going salary administration processes and survey data management

Additional Compensation Services:

  • Executive Compensation Analysis
  • Job Benchmarking
  • Base Salary and Total Cash Analysis
  • Compensation Training Programs
  • Salary Survey Selection
  • Single Job Pricing Service
  • Job Documentation and Evaluation
  • FLSA Exemption Testing
  • Merit planning budgeting and implementation
  • Performance Management Program – design and/or alignment
  • Compensation Program implementation

Nutritional and Dining Services -
Achieve survey excellence

Our Registered Dietitian Consultants have decades of long term care experience in clinical and nutrition and food service management.

We assist buildings in achieving survey excellence through:

  • Improving clinical participation and documentation
  • Elevating kitchen sanitation standards
  • Streamlining food service operations

You have unique challenges. We have unique consultants.

Different organizations have different challenges. And we have consultants who are experts at overcoming all of them. Our decades of experience and expertise make us the ideal partner for operational, financial and clinical challenges. Our deep industry knowledge and hands-on experience can enhance your operations in many critical areas, including:

  • Customer service training and auditing
  • Discharge management
  • On-site support and training for MDS 3.0 and PDPM
  • Reimbursement review
  • Evaluation of documentation systems to measure compliance
  • Benchmarking tools and quality measurements
  • Operational support for IDT process, staffing rations, and other clinical processes

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