Challenging survey? We can turn it around.

Our consultants work with you in the days, weeks and months following a difficult survey to kick-start and sustain improvements in your clinical systems. We’ll work alongside your team to develop and implement your plan of correction so you resolve outstanding deficiencies and achieve compliance quickly. Our consultants will provide a rapid evaluation of systems out of compliance, assist in developing and monitoring the plan of correction, and participate in staff education for preparation of the follow up survey.  Our quality improvement and survey turnaround services include:

Key Quality Systems Audit

Our RN consultants will work on-site to pressure-test your critical clinical systems so you won’t have surprises when the survey team walks through the door. We look at core components of your nursing operation, such as: accidents and events, skin, nutrition and medication administration to measure your performance and compliance. LeaderStat can help you enhance performance in these targeted areas and help prevent costly deficiencies and risk management issues.

Survey Preparation

LeaderStat consultants provide an early warning system with mock surveys that mirror your actual federal survey. We’ll measure compliance with the CMS standards and regulations and discuss the findings with your staff. Together, we’ll bring systems back into compliance quickly.

“LeaderStat knows exactly what tools to use and how to maintain the survey readiness of any facility.”

Please contact us to initiate lasting quality improvement measures.