Our workforce solutions consultants are experts at helping senior living organizations capitalize on their recruitment and hiring processes to attract employees by providing a customized approach and realistic solutions.
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As your workforce solutions partner, our goal is to evaluate your current recruitment and hiring strategies to determine opportunities to increase the candidate experience, streamline current processes, and reduce agency spend. Our three-phased approach incorporates remote analyses and onsite engagement, implementation, and ongoing support.


"The consultant came in with an open mind, observed and listened to what we had to say, and helped us think through possible processes to address potential issues. We had a great experience."

Phase 1


This phase is intended to gain a complete understanding of your current recruitment and hiring processes. At the end of the assessment, the center will receive a comprehensive final written report and an action plan for implementation for each analysis conducted.

Remote Analysis:

  • Competitor wage survey
  • Job postings- content and location
  • Inquiry management
  • Internal and external community reputation

Onsite Engagement:

  • Applicant tracking system
  • Labor metrics
  • Credentialing, onboarding, orientation, & training
  • Interview process
  • Scheduling management

Phase 2


During this phase, your LeaderStat consultant will put the recommended action plan from Phase 1 into motion.

Your LeaderStat consultant will customize a plan for implementation based on the gap analyses and findings from Phase 1 with agreed-upon timeframes for reassessment. An improvement analysis will be conducted by your LeaderStat consultant to determine the success of the recommended action plan.

Phase 3


Phase 3 includes remote meetings with your LeaderStat consultant as needed, and additional analyses on a repeated, agreed-upon schedule to assess and ensure the sustainability of the implemented changes in Phase 2.

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