Directed Plans of Correction (DPOC): 

The pandemic has caused an increase in nursing centers receiving Directed Plans of Correction (DPOC) by survey State agencies related to infection control practices. The LeaderStat consulting team serves clients by assisting them with infection control consulting as listed in their DPOC.
LeaderStat consultants, in conjunction with the nursing center, take immediate action to assist with implementing an infection prevention plan consistent with the requirements for the affected residents/resident units impacted by the noncompliance identified on their CMS-2567 and include identification of other residents that may have been impacted by the noncompliant practices as noted in the facility’s DPOC enforcement letter.
The DPOC engagements may include a review of policies, self-assessment, RCA, QAPI related to the DPOC, specific needs of the resident population related to the DPOC, and/or assistance with an attestation regarding the facility’s adequate completion and comprehension of the requirements outlined in the DPOC.
To date, all clients who contracted for DPOC services have regained substantial compliance with the help of the LeaderStat Consulting team.

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