Navigating Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) For Five Star Improvement

CMS updated PBJ methodology in July 2022.  Many providers were surprised with a drop in their staffing rating and are struggling to navigate the new changes.

What does this mean for you?

You may have dropped in your staffing star rating, and perhaps that also lowered your overall five-star rating.  There are now six separate staffing components to consider.  A thorough understanding of the new staffing metrics is essential to your overall five-star success.

How can Leaderstat help?

  • In-depth evaluation of your current PBJ process
  • Analysis of your staffing hours, and how resident acuity is impacting your staffing star
  • Recommendations on practical ways to improve your staffing rating
  • Education on all aspects of PBJ, including:

    • How resident acuity impacts your reported hours
    • How nursing turnover impacts your staffing rating, and for how long
    • How to scrub your data, for both efficiency and accuracy, before submitting to CMS
    • How to respond to a PBJ audit from CMS
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