Hospice Consulting Services

In the continuously evolving healthcare landscape, hospice organizations are no stranger to changes. Specific challenges have emerged as a result of the quickly increasing demand within hospice care. Such challenges are no small tasks to overcome and include shrinking margins in financial management, increasingly scrutinized documentation and regulatory practices, and an emphasis on the quality of care hospice organizations provide. While the ultimate goal of hospice organizations has always been to provide great healthcare to their patients, managing these challenges is vital in the ability to continue that care.
LeaderStat’s knowledgeable consulting team understands the critical need for your organization to retain adequate revenue and follow regulatory practices, so you can focus on what’s most important: caring for your patients and their families. Our hospice consultants offer in-depth engagements with your hospice team to ensure that your organization is prepared, informed, and able to provide the best possible care to patients. Our clinical and financial consulting engagements focus on the following key areas:


  • Care Management Review
  • Episode Management Review
  • Mentoring for New Clinical Services Directors/Managers
  • Develop Hospice Policies and Procedures

  • Operations Review
  • Billing Review and Training
  • Denials and Appeals Review
  • Medicare Revenue Recovery
  • ADR Review/Audit
LeaderStat can offer you the comprehensive support and guidance you need, resulting in improved clinical and reimbursement outcomes.

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