Scott Heichel

Scott Heichel, Director of Clinical Reimbursement

Scott Heichel, RN, RAC-MT, RAC-CTA, DNS-CT, IPCO, QCP, ICC, and Director of Clinical Reimbursement for LeaderStat brings over 25 years of healthcare experience and is recognized for his expertise in the RAI process and clinical reimbursement. Scott’s consulting work includes performing Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement reviews and educational programs for skilled nursing facilities and multi-facility operators. Scott has experience in and has testified as an expert witness in a large Medicare dispute case and has also assisted in Corporate Integrity Audits and corporate compliance reviews. Scott is a member of AANAC’s (American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination) Board and previously served on their Expert Advisory Panel. He is recognized as a Master Teacher through AANAC for their RAC-CT MDS certification courses and sits on the board as the President of OANAC (Ohio Association of Nurse Assessment Coordinators).