LeaderStat Can Help with That Directed Plan of Correction

Directed Plan of Correction (DPoC) is directed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) with specific requirements for the facility to follow. The pandemic has caused an increase in nursing centers receiving Directed Plans of Correction (DPoC) by the surveying State agencies, often relating to their infection control practices. While infection prevention was an area of focus for CMS before Covid-19, it has become the highest priority.

When partnering with a consulting team for a DPoC engagement, it may include a review of policies, self-assessment, RCA, and QAPI related to the DPoC or specific needs of the resident population. It may also involve assistance with an attestation regarding the facility's adequate completion and comprehension of the requirements outlined in the DPoC. The facility states their date of compliance in their Plan of Correction and the DPOC and the enforcement letter specify the recommended remedies and their effective dates.

The LeaderStat consulting team serves clients by assisting them with infection control consulting, as listed in their DPoC. In conjunction with the nursing center, our consultants take action immediately to assist with implementing an infection prevention plan consistent with the requirements for the affected residents/resident units impacted by the noncompliance identified on their CMS-2567. The process also includes identifying other residents that may have been affected by the non-compliant practices, as noted in the facility's DPoC enforcement letter. To date, all clients who contracted for DPoC services have regained substantial compliance with the help of the LeaderStat Consulting team.

A facility must ensure that they follow infection prevention and control policies and procedures to the letter. The LeaderStat team can help with the daily challenges of maintaining and improving the well-being of residents. By working with a facility's management and staff to establish long-standing policies, procedures, and processes, LeaderStat consultants can assist the organization in readying themselves for a survey.

The LeaderStat team will—

  • Evaluate your facility and community risk
  • Establish surveillance systems
  • Develop systems for preventing, identifying, reporting, investigating, and controlling infections and communicable diseases.
  • Determine and implement processes for using standard precautions and transmission-based precautions
  • Establish effective environmental cleaning and disinfecting
  • Implement systems for early detection and management of infectious diseases before their spread occurs
  • Form processes for admissions and discharges of potentially infected and symptomatic residents
  • Develop systems on how to proceed if an outbreak is identified
  • Educate staff on Medical Device Safety
  • Create systems for recording IPCP incidents
  • Provide education on safe cleaning of linens, mattresses, and pillows
  • Complete annual review of IPCP practices

When a facility needs outside expert help to correct deficiencies, the LeaderStat consulting team can help. To date, all organizations that have partnered with LeaderStat have regained substantial compliance.  Contact us today to learn more.


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