Housing Options for Travel Nurses

Part of the excitement of being a travel nurse is the opportunity to work in a new location every 13 weeks. On the other hand, part of the downside is the need to find and make decisions about housing every 13 weeks. Since this search can be tiring and overwhelming, this blog is for you – the incredible traveling nurse.

Aspects to keep in mind—

  1. Furnished housing, with utilities included, makes life much simpler.
  2. The safety of the neighborhood and convenience to your workplace are factors.
  3. Pet-friendly quarters may be necessary.
  4. The cost of housing versus housing stipend plays a key role.
  5. The “short-term” factor will eliminate some housing options.

Now, before you stress too much, please know that many housing scenarios fit the unique needs of travel nurses. Check out these options and resources for finding the perfect housing arrangement for future travel nursing assignments.


Extended Stay Hotels

This type of hotel is often chosen by travel nurses, as a temporary bridge to a more permanent arrangement, or as the long-term choice. Amenities such as breakfast, housekeeping services, fitness centers, and pet-friendly policies make extended-stay hotels a win-win. Some brands offer evening meal selections as well. When a kitchen is included, this home-like feature provides meal options and a way to save money. Factor in the possibility of a discounted rate and the ease of terminating the arrangement should the assignment end unexpectedly, and what’s not to like about an extended stay hotel?


The RV Option

The freedom an RV offers, as well as the ability to travel with more of one’s own “stuff” makes recreational vehicle living appealing to some travel nurses. Exploring the area takes on new meaning when “home” can be a different RV park each week. A weekend off can mean a road trip a couple of hours away as easy as getting behind the wheel and driving. And no need to worry about pet-friendly accommodations when you own the RV.


Vacation Rental Websites

Popular vacation rental sites such as HomeAwayVRBO, and Airbnb provide an array of housing options, many uber-suited to the needs of travel nurses. Type in the city and state, then sit back and view the many rental options available. Filters make it easy to zero in on the rentals that include the space and amenities you desire. While not all seemingly perfect-fit units will be available for your 13-week stay, don’t be discouraged too quickly. Consider the possibility of utilizing two rental units during your visit to increase the selection of available units. 


Online Resources

  • Furnished Finder has launched the first housing app specifically for travel nurses and the property owners who host them. Available for download now in the Apple app store and Google Play, this app provides an easy way to search for housing along with a better set-up for communicating with hosts. The handy filters allow nurses to search based on a max monthly budget, pet-friendly options, plus so much more.
  • If your assignment is in in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts or California, Furnished Quarters may be an option. It strives to understand the unique needs of each client searching for temporary housing, and then to deliver an exceptional residential experience.
  • Transplant Housing allows nurses to search for temporary housing options and if there isn’t a property nearby, users can complete a form to request housing, and they will contact prospective property owners for you.
  • Check out The Gypsy Nurse’s travel nurse housing group on Facebook, where you’ll be able to connect with other travelers and find housing recommendations and additional valuable insights for various cities

Before you head out for your next assignment, check out this list of handy travel apps that help to minimize the downside and maximize the upside of a career in travel nursing.

The right housing arrangement can play a key role in the enjoyment factor of your next assignment. Do yourself a favor and check out each of these resources as you consider housing options now and in the future.


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