On the Road Again: 5 Travel Apps for an Interim Assignment

Interim assignments are becoming common in the senior living industry, and these temporary positions can be very rewarding. Interim employees have the potential to significantly impact an organization in a short period, which can be very fulfilling, and the prospect of living in a new location temporarily can be an exciting adventure. But of course, there are some downsides. Travel can be wearisome and living for a few months in a new place can be challenging to navigate.

Our seasoned interim executives have found that technology can help make the assignment a little easier, and have shared with us the travel apps that help them minimize the downside and maximize the upside of taking an interim position. So if you find yourself about to leave for your first (or 100th) interim assignment adventure, grab your phone before you grab your toothbrush, and check out some of the following travel apps (all are free and available for iOS and Android):

  • Packpoint: Who uses pen and paper anymore? With this travel app you will never again rack your brain with pen in hand making a packing list from scratch. Enter your destination, length of stay, and planned activities, and it will create a custom packing list for you. It will even check the weather and adjust the list accordingly. You can add or remove items from the list to personalize it to your specific needs, and save it for future use. This app even allows you to show off your superb packing list by ‘sharing’ it with your friends.
  • Waze: Put your meticulously packed suitcase in the car and open Waze. This user-friendly GPS navigation app draws from its active community of drivers to create the most up-to-date and accurate road data. It is similar to Google Maps, but users share real-time information about hazards, traffic, or accidents allowing others to adjust their routes accordingly. Be prepared to contribute to the Waze community by posting when you see construction, an accident, or the highway patrol. As a bonus the app allows you to see the other Waze users on the road with you, so you can give a knowing Waze nod when you pass them.
  • Gate guru: Flying to your job away from home? Gate guru is a flight tracking app plus. Input your flights and get access to real-time information about security wait times, flight delays, gate changes, or layover time adjustments. This app also gives access to airport-specific information such as available amenities and navigation tips. This app is a boon to nervous infrequent travelers, and the seasoned pros who like to be on top of every detail.
  • Foodspotter: You’ve arrived! Now what? You’re hungry of course. There are lots of apps out there to help you find local restaurants; we think one of the best is Foodspotter (Now OpenTable). The creators describe their app this way: “…a visual guide to good food and where to find it. Instead of reviewing restaurants, you can recommend great dishes and see what others recommend wherever you go.” What sets Foodspotter apart from review sites like TripAdvisor or Yelp is that the reviews focus on individual dishes rather than the restaurant itself, and they are all positive. In other words, you will get a list of only what food other users have liked (or loved) near you, complete with a photo of the actual dish. This saves time sifting through negative reviews, and the focus on the food is refreshing. Doesn’t everyone love taking photos of their dinner? This app features a robust search function and the ability to bookmark foods you want to try, those you’ve already tried, and those you love; you can even rep this app on Instagram with #foodspotting. Keep in mind the Foodspotting community will be expecting your input, and you can even earn “reputation points” for making quality contributions.
  • EveryTrail: Belly’s full–time to have fun! EveryTrail developers describe their app as “a global web2.0 platform for geo-tagged user-generated travel content.” That sounds pretty complicated to us, so we’ll put it this way - it’s like Waze plus Foodspotting for outdoor activities – lots of them. The self-proclaimed “GPS-enabled travel guide of the future,” can be used for road trips, sightseeing tours, sailing trips, hiking, cycling, flying, hang gliding, geocaching, skiing, kayaking trips, and more, and has data from users’ trips from over 80 countries in all corners of the world. Users can track their route and share information with others, view terrain maps, create a custom travel route, view and share travel tips, and track stats like elevation and distance. There’s even an audio guide feature when you need hands-free assistance. Just like Waze and Foodspotter, this app connects you to a community of people who love outdoor activities, and are eager to share information about their outings, including photos snapped along the way.

Once you feel technologically emboldened to embrace your next interim assignment adventure, visit our job board to see the current opportunities!

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