5 Strategies for Pursuing a New Job in 2021

It is not surprising that many folks approach a new year with a mindset toward pursuing a new job. In fact, the top job-search days consistently fall in January, which means a well-thought-out strategy is in order if your goal is to hit the job-search trail this month.

Here are some pointers for landing that coveted new employment earlier rather than later in 2021.

1. Dust off that resume

Even if it’s not been that long since your resume saw the light of day, review it carefully, looking for anything that would give it a dated feel, such as an objective statement. In the past, job seekers were told to open resumes with a statement that declared their desired job type. Today’s recommendations suggest that instead, the opening paragraph highlights the essential traits you possess that qualify you for this position.

Ask an honest, trustworthy friend or colleague to review your resume for content, appearance, and grammatical errors.

2. Apply with confidence

Maybe you cannot check every box in the job description, but if you meet a portion of a job’s qualifications, and believe you can still succeed in that role, then absolutely apply. Many job seekers miss out on career opportunities by disqualifying themselves prematurely.

3. Prepare for the interview

Whether you land a phone call, a Zoom videoconferencing call, or an in-person meeting, preparation is vital.

  • Choose apparel carefully. Opting to be a bit overdressed rather than too casually attired, demonstrates that the job opportunity is important to you. 
  • Check out the company’s website and social media accounts so that you can engage in conversation about the company.
  • Consider how you will answer common interview questions, such as the request to elaborate on your strengths and weaknesses. By conducting a type of “career self-assessment” beforehand, you will be able to highlight your professional self.
  • Practice so that you will sound knowledgeable and professional yet not robotic or rehearsed. 

4. Follow up with a thank-you note

One of the best ways to leave a lasting, positive impression is to follow up an interview with an expression of appreciation. “A simple note dropped in the mail, a friendly email, or a telephone call to the hiring manager will go a long way,” reminds Julie Osborne, Director of Recruitment for LeaderStat.

5. Make job hunting your job

And lastly, put serious effort into your pursuit of a new job. A ho-hum attempt will result in little if any progress toward your career goals. But a strategy that details a daily to-do list will not only keep you engaged in the pursuit, it will also accomplish the result of a new employment scenario much faster.

If a healthcare career change is on the horizon for your professional life, LeaderStat can help you find the organization and position that is right for you.


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