Managed Service Provider

LeaderStat continues to evolve as the partner of choice for workforce needs of healthcare organizations by delivering meaningful solutions that are customized and tailored to allow our clients to operate their organizations at optimal levels. These solutions range from tactical execution of supplemental staff or interim leadership to full outsourced and managed consulting programs.
We highly value our relationship with our clients and believe a Vendor Neutral solution, that provides for the management and oversight of all external talent agency usage, can be highly beneficial to your healthcare organization. The combination of LeaderStat’s program management expertise along with an industry leading Web-based Technology will deliver the following benefits to your organization:

Greater Control

  • Cost containment
  • Agency and site/department accountability
  • Credentialing/Onboarding
Process Improvement

  • Single point of contact with dedicated program manager and team
  • Consolidated time capture, invoicing, and payment process
  • Streamlined workflows
Greater Visibility

  • Real-time data and analysis (financial & tactical)
  • Regular spend/strategy meetings
  • Extensive reporting
 Improved Quality of Service

  • Greater fill rates (positions/shifts)
  • Reduced time to fill
  • Better quality of workforce

MSP Benefits-1-1


LeaderStat’s vendor-neutral solution is NO extra cost to your organization. The entire solution is supplier funded.