Why Using a Recruiting Agency for Your Next Job Search Makes So Much Sense

The time is right to make a job change. The pros far outnumber the cons. The advantages speak for themselves. But seeking a leadership position in a skilled nursing center, senior living community, or in a hospital system can be time-consuming and nerve-wracking. Instead of celebrating the opportunity to advance your career and anticipating the excitement of a fulfilling new position, the magnitude of the task can quickly squash your enthusiasm.

You need the assistance of a recruitment agency that specializes in placing administrators, executive directors, Directors of Nursing, and Interim Acute Leaders. While some candidates believe that staffing firms focus mainly on entry-level workers, that notion couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, some agencies concentrate exclusively on executive leadership roles in healthcare, from the CEO through every position in the C-suite and across every level of management.

These select recruitment firms have taken the time to establish strong reputations within the healthcare industry by nurturing strong relationships with the leadership in skilled nursing centers and other healthcare facilities. This connection places them in a position to learn about openings before they are published to a job board. That advantage alone is a considerable benefit as it provides candidates with a first look about new opportunities that could be a good fit for their career goals. But it’s not the only perk.

“Partnering with a recruitment firm and the relationship that partnership facilitates means candidates don’t have to navigate the recruitment process alone,” shares Julie Osborne, Director of Recruitment for LeaderStat.

On their own, job seekers have limited access to the resources or the networks established recruiters have at the ready. In addition, few candidates have access to the connections gleaned from years—possibly decades—from a recruitment firm working closely with hospital systems and senior living communities.

Why do healthcare organizations partner with recruitment agencies? Because the agency’s team can do the extensive leg work required to recruit executive leadership more efficiently and effectively than the facilities, while also managing day-to-day operations.

And herein lies the primary reason candidates should consider using the services of a recruiting agency. Because the organizations looking to fill leadership positions have found that working with a firm dedicated to the staffing needs of healthcare organizations offers the most timely staffing solutions. If employers seek candidates through these experienced recruiters, then candidates will have greater success with their job searches when they also utilize the services of these same firms.

What could be better than working alongside a recruiter who has taken the time to get to know you, your unique skill set, and your career goals? And then, follow that interest with being presented with open positions that fit your job search –positions that often have not been posted to the public. To top it off, you will pay nothing for this service.

During these challenging times for both sides of the staffing table, LeaderStat’s team is ready to meet all your interim leadership, executive search, and consulting needs.


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