4 Reasons You Need a Recruiting Partner


Recruiting within the healthcare world has always been challenging, but the struggle has intensified in recent years with a widening skills gap and an increasing shortage of candidates, including nurses. With a burgeoning supply of job opportunities to choose from, building an engaged workforce has become the number one challenge for many healthcare facilities. Traditional recruitment tools are proving to be less than adequate at maintaining suitably trained providers in this candidate-driven job market. Even a strategic recruitment plan that crosses all the tees, such as promoting brand development and awareness and reaching out to passive candidates, will too often come up short in meeting critical staffing needs.


That is why healthcare facilities across the spectrum are seeking the services of staffing agencies to aid in maintaining a full roster of qualified healthcare professionals. From hospitals, long term acute care facilities, and home health care companies to physicians' practices, nursing homes, and assisted living centers, these lifeline-providing organizations are reaping the advantages of partnering with a reputable staffing firm. There are many reasons these working relationships make such a favorable impact, including:


1. A Larger Talent Pool

Staffing firms provide access to a much larger, and certainly more diverse, talent pool than the folks represented in the file of random, some new but many old, resumes in the bottom drawer of someone's desk. With an updated database of qualified candidates always at the ready, the chances of the staffing firm uncovering the perfect-fit candidate for your open positions is exponentially higher than finding the right candidate in the random-resume file.


2. The Time-Saving Factor

Because time is such a valuable resource, management teams are always on the lookout for opportunities to outsource time-consuming processes. And what aspect of a business consumes more time than the arduous task of recruiting and screening and hiring? Partnering with a staffing firm means that the time once spent on meeting staffing needs can now be funneled toward other aspects of the business. The energy once spent on worrying about staffing issues can now be channeled into creative processes that augment the company's brand. 


3. The Financial Impact

 While it's true that staffing firms charge a fee, when the result is higher-quality, better fit hires, the cost is justified and appears to be minimal. When one considers that now, current employees will have both the time and energy to concentrate on their "regular" work, the benefit to productivity chalks up another perk. Also, due to their roster of ready-to-work candidates, open positions can be filled in a fraction of the time versus an internal process, which again, translates into cost savings. 


4. The Solution to Seasonal/Flexible/Fluctuating-Census Staffing Needs

Of particular concern to healthcare organizations is managing a workforce, which is continually in flux due to a myriad of issues that not only include COVID-19, but also acuity needs, the opening and closing of units, the unexpected yet "normal" vacancies a large staff incurs, and of course, a waxing and waning census. Staffing firms excel at meeting these needs. Their business and large network of qualified candidates is built on their commitment to these types of staffing challenges.

Recruiting agencies partner with healthcare organizations to not only understand the open position, but also the expectation for the role, the hiring process as well as the culture. All of this can save clients time and money. It is most definitely a win-win scenario for both employers and candidates, brought to you by experienced staffing firms, dedicated to solving complex employment issues on both sides of the hiring table.


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