What To Expect When Working An Interim Healthcare Job

There are many benefits to working an interim healthcare job. The ever-changing nature of the roles you're in opens doors to diverse experiences that can expand your skills, enable a flexible life with less "work" tying you down, and plenty of opportunities to travel the country!


Working as an interim consultant can be an exciting career that gives you the chance to have a real impact on organizations, while experiencing different environments and projects.

Interims are brought in on a temporary basis due to a variety of reasons, including rapid business growth, turnover, medical leave, or other sudden vacancies. Many times, organizations will partner with a recruiting firm that specializes in placing interim professionals to help them fill these vacancies. The firms have a network of seasoned interim professionals (like you!) that they can call upon based on needs/experience to place in the organization. This means you could be working in California in the winter, South Carolina in the summer, and anywhere in between.

Working as an interim professional requires flexibility because of the fluctuating nature of your job. As you move assignments, you'll need to be ready to step into new challenges and adapt to how each organization works. You will have the opportunity to work with new people and oftentimes, in a fast-paced environment. This means you should have great communication skills and be able to adapt to other communication styles. Most successful career interim professionals thrive in these environments and are comfortable with the challenges their role brings.


When you decide to take on an interim healthcare job, the recruiter you work with will typically handle the travel and accommodation arrangements. Many recruiting firms provide a benefits package that can include insurance, retirement fund contributions, and competitive pay structures. They will also make sure that you have the required licensure and certifications. Working directly with an interim recruiter simplifies the process and reduces stress, allowing you to roll up your sleeves to begin your new assignment right away.

One of LeaderStat's interim consultants, Verona, is a Director of Nursing, who took her skills on the road and decided that she wanted to enrich herself and her career more fully. When asked what she enjoyed about being an interim, she had this to say:

“I love being able to successfully turn a building around. To be able to be accepted by the staff and show them how to really take care of our elderly. I also enjoy seeing the big picture and watching the staff blossom with knowledge as to why we need the following processes in the fashion in which they were intended.”

When working as an interim, assignments are temporary and will usually be 30, 60, or 90-day placements. This means you get a great window of opportunity to create real change in an organization.

Working with a flexible schedule helps balance work and family life. The opportunity to take assignments in different parts of the country gives you a great chance to pursue your own interests and experience new things while still working. Depending on your specializations, you may be in different roles with each assignment, allowing you to bolster your skills in each area.


No matter your age or career trajectory, interim work is an attractive career choice. Whether you have an empty nest or kids (or even pets) at home, the flexible nature of short-term assignments allow you to reap the benefits without sacrificing your home life. Plus, if you choose to work with a recruiter, they'll be sure to help you find accommodations that fit your needs.

Working an interim healthcare job lets you spread your skills across the country and gives you the satisfaction of leaving an organization knowing you made a difference. Sound appealing? Join our network of seasoned interim professionals or click below to browse our job board.

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