Interview with an Interim Consultant - Verona B

Our team is proud to work with a dedicated team of Interim Consultants. We interviewed Verona B., an Interim Director of Nursing, to get her thoughts on the experience and what she likes most about interim work. 

  • How long have you been an Interim Consultant with LeaderStat? I have been an Interim Consultant with LeaderStat for 8 + years
  • What did you do before you started Interim work? I worked full time as a Director of Nursing both in Ohio and Washington
  • What do you love about being an Interim ConsultantI love being able to successfully turn a building around. To be able to be accepted by the staff and show them how to really take care of our elderly. I also enjoy seeing the big picture and watching the staff blossom with knowledge as to why we need the following processes in the fashion in which they were intended.
  • Do you have a favorite state where you love to work? I enjoy working in the North East of Ohio, it is my home state and area.
  • Is the process easy (in regards to travel arrangements, requests, etc.)? LeaderStat always arranges the hotel which has always been quite acceptable for me. They always make sure I am equipped with the location and name of the building and a contact person for my arrival.
  • Do you have a favorite memory as a Consultant? I believe my most memorable moment was the day that we successfully received our second site-free survey in the nursing department of a building that had been de-certified two years previously. That was a great accomplishment for the entire team and I was proud to be their leader for four months to lead the team in their success. 
  • What advice would you give to a new Interim Consultant? Always look at the big picture and have a plan on how to get there. Limit your focus and as a project is completed make sure that you monitor the process as you take on the next project. Always have your staff buy in. Use education to set your staff up for success and then allow them to do their job.
  • Any additional thoughts? Remember that it is all about our residents. It is resident centered care. Find joy in your everyday work and share that joy with your team, your staff and your residents. 

Thank you, Verona, for taking time to be interviewed and thank you for your leadership skills and caring nature!

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