Job Search Stalled? Get It Moving Again

You’ve scoured the job boards and sent out resumes. Maybe you’ve had a few hot leads or even an interview or two, but then, crickets. Your job search is going nowhere. Don’t panic. It happens. We’ve got some ideas to help you get the flywheel spinning again, and find the perfect position for you.



The job-search world is changing rapidly, and what worked for your last job search may not be enough for this one, even if it was just a few years ago. It is still important to check on reliable job boards and touch base with old contacts, but you will have to embrace broader networking opportunities. Specifically, social media must be a part your job-search strategy. You can be sure hiring managers are googling you. What are they finding? Make sure there is nothing available that could hold you back. Scrub your social media profiles of anything that can be considered inappropriate or controversial (‘partying’ photos, political posts, rants about previous bosses, etc.). Then get social media working in your favor, by capitalizing on what LinkedIn can do for you, and advertising your job search with friends and colleagues on Facebook and Twitter.



The healthcare industry is well-connected. If you are applying for every job under the sun, you may earn a reputation for not being a serious candidate. Be targeted in your job search, and pursue only those opportunities that are exactly what you want. Craft your resume so that it highlights the accomplishments needed for that role, and be consistent with your message on all media platforms.  



You can’t be too prepared. Use your downtime to fine tune your resume, prepare for the interview that is just around the corner, and research the companies you most want to work for. Follow professionals on LinkedIn who are doing what you want to be doing. What are they reading? What kind of research are they posting? What kind of training/ certifications do they have? What can you do today that makes you a more attractive candidate tomorrow?



We’ve heard of people who have interviewed for a job, heard nothing directly afterward and moved on, only to be approached about it again a year later. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t get a quick response to an application or interview. Hiring managers are just as busy as you are, and some organizations take a long time to fill a position. Leave the door open for these possibilities, and certainly don’t burn any bridges out of frustration. Getting the perfect job is often a matter of timing, and it has to be the right fit at the right time for both parties. Be patient, and stay positive!



Recruiting firms have their ear to the ground in the healthcare industry. Recruiters often know about positions that haven’t even been advertised yet, and enlisting their help gets your resume into the hands of the right people (rather than in a pile somewhere). Speaking of resumes, recruiters can also help you re-draft your resume and social media profiles to get more of the right kind of attention, and can help you prepare for the interview that is ultimately going to come your way.

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