Getting Back in The Saddle After a COVID-19 Job Loss

While the exact number of people who have found themselves without a job due to the coronavirus seems to be difficult to pin down, the total most likely registers in the millions. No matter the metrics used to measure it, the job loss triggered by the pandemic is, without a doubt, historically significant.

Executive and leadership positions in healthcare have not been spared. In fact, some fear employees from their mid-30s and older could experience devastating career blows due to the massive job market disruption wrought by COVID-19. As companies try to tighten their financial belts, downsizing will happen across the C-Suite, the management team, and those once-thought-to-be key leadership roles. It’s expected the expense-slashing trend toward “juniorization” coupled with the elimination of middle management positions will continue and possibly increase. 

If you find yourself living this reality or fear you may soon be placed in the jobless corral, a pro-active approach can land you back in the saddle with minimal harm to your career goals.


Refuse to give in to despair

A sudden or unexpected job loss can leave a person doubting their worth, strengths, level of expertise, and ability to get the job done. But do not let a defeatist mindset sabotage your future. Rather, take a step back and remember that the unprecedented nature of these COVID-19-impacted times is the culprit, not you or your job performance. Do not toss your value proposition out the window. Instead . . .


Reflect on your strengths

Focus on what you do best. Those knock-it-out-of-the-park qualities, aptitudes, and skills that have combined to bring you to this point in your career. Remind yourself those strengths and qualities did not evaporate when the door closed on your previous employment. So, make a list because a visual confirmation will help to banish any lingering defeatist thoughts. Then . . .


Shift to pondering what you love to do

You know, those tasks and responsibilities that feel more like play than work.  The ones that get your blood pumping, your creativity flowing, and your energy amped up. Add a section for these items on your list. Next . . .


Allow yourself to dream

Now is the perfect time to invite in those previously pushed aside career notions and pie-in-the-sky longings you never allowed yourself to pursue. Give yourself permission to view this job loss as an opportunity to zero in on what you dream about doing. Then, move forward with . . .


Dusting off your resume

It may have been years since you thought of your resume, even longer since you penned it. Let LeaderStat’s resume freshening tips assist you in polishing your resume to an updated shine.


Focus on your network

Get busy networking on LinkedIn. Become a thought leader by posting content on relevant industry topics. Renew connections with existing contacts, former co-workers, and management personnel from your past. Seek out new associations.


Consider utilizing a recruiting firm

An experienced recruiter will not only introduce you to job opportunities; he/she will walk along beside you throughout the entire interviewing process. Staffing teams like LeaderStat have the inside track, often knowing about jobs before they are posted publicly. Let our goal to place top executives in healthcare and senior living organizations be the solution to your COVID-19 job loss situation.


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