Expert Advice: How to Get Your First Nursing Home Administrator Job



Roundabouts! The polarizing circular intersections are popping up at old corners everywhere, creating angst for many a driver. Those confused about the rules may hesitate when trying to enter or orbit more than once to catch the right exit. If you are looking for your first Licensed Nursing Home Administrator (LNHA) job, you might have the same feelings as those drivers. How do you break into that first job when you have minimal experience so you can gain the needed experience?




Beth Keener, Executive Search Consultant for LeaderStat offers these rules of the road for securing that first Licensed Nursing Home Administrator position.


More than just a job description. Since a resume is usually the first point of contact for potential employers, it’s essential that yours promote your skills and abilities in a powerful way. Include details around the accomplishments and tasks you were involved in WHILE you were completing your AIT to make your resume pop. Sharing how you were involved in financials, surveys, or census growth will attract attention and set you apart from other applicants.


Go for an Assistant NHA role.  Consider an Assistant Nursing Home Administrator position as a means of gaining experience and mentorship that will help advance your career. This is a great foot-in-the-door step to a more advanced title.


First gig not the top of the pay scale. Smaller skilled facilities are more likely to be enticed by a first-timer who will reasonably command a lower salary. Manage your expectations around pay and set your sights on a facility that is a good fit for you.


Enhance your skills while you wait. Find and take every opportunity - online training, seminars, volunteering - to gain knowledge and experience while seeking employment. Expanding your skill set will make you a better candidate and help you stand out from others.


Your first position might be the hardest one you’ll ever get, but if you keep calm and follow the road rules, you’ll surely make your way through the roundabout to begin a rewarding Licensed Nursing Home Administrator career.


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