A Travel Nurse Firm that Focuses on the Whole You

Nurses deliver compassionate care for those around them, but it’s not often that someone asks, “What about you?”

At LeaderStat Travel Nursing, we aim to change that by building on the philosophy of the “Whole You” and sharing with our nurses that we know there is more to them than scrubs and PPE. That we, as a company, and as recruiters, are here to cater to our travel nurses in every aspect of their life. When you accept a travel nursing assignment with LeaderStat, we provide resources to improve your mind, body, career, and spirit of adventure.

We work with you, as your partner, to get you started with a placement that fits your needs, whatever and wherever they may be.

Caring for others can be both rewarding and mentally taxing. Intentionally working on being a happier and more fulfilled version of yourself will not only benefit you, but your patients, your coworkers, and your personal relationships.

Being a LeaderStat travel nurse can give you a great sense of work-life balance. Our assignments are 13 weeks, in the location of your choice. And we understand that you don’t accept an assignment simply to go to work and then go back to a hotel. We partner with you to find an assignment that will feed your soul. And once the assignment is up, you have the flexibility to rest by taking a few weeks (or months) off to recharge. Having options for breaks in your work can offer peace of mind and help to prevent burnout.

Your body is an amazing tool. And just like a car, it needs routine maintenance and care to run efficiently. As a LeaderStat travel nurse, you receive a long list of benefits to keep yourself in top shape, including paid-for physical exams, health insurance, and disability insurance. We’re committed to providing you with resources that emphasize the importance of exercise, healthy meals, proper sleep habits, stress management, and physical safety.

We understand that excelling in your career is important. We work with you to place you on an assignment that fits your needs and experience. Once you’re on assignment, you receive weekly pay and guaranteed hours, so there’s no guesswork. We want you to feel secure financially and eliminate any additional stressors. That’s why we also provide license reimbursement, up to $500 per year, and opportunities for you to acquire continued education (CEUs) at no cost. We want to ensure that you stay up-to-date on the latest medical practices and techniques so you can excel and stand out amongst other qualified candidates in the future.

You choose to become a travel nurse for a reason, or maybe for several reasons. We’ll work with you to provide options that fit your skillset and lifestyle. For example, if you’re an avid hiker, we’ll work to place you in an area that has amazing scenery and hiking, like Colorado or Arizona. Or maybe you prefer the beach? We’ve got lots of travel assignments in the south, too. Wherever you want to go, we’ll be your partner along the way.

LeaderStat travel nurses receive a stipend to cover all costs associated with an assignment, including flight, housing, rental car, meals, and more. Our travel nurses get the flexibility to book with their preferred airline, stay where they want (whether it’s in a hotel, Airbnb, or even an RV) and spend their extra cash on things that are meaningful to them.

Our blog articles are written for the whole nurse– this means we focus on things outside of the clinical aspects, including your safety, well-being, continued education, healthy habits, burnout, and volunteer opportunities. If you have an idea that you think fellow nurses would love to read about, please let us know and we’d be happy to put your idea in writing! Chances are if you’re thinking about it, others probably are too.

You’ve got questions? We’ve got the answers. And we’re here to answer your frequently asked questions, from basic requirements to popular nurse specialties. And if you still need support or clarification, our recruiters are here for you, during regular business hours and beyond.

LeaderStat has been a trusted staffing partner by healthcare organizations across the country for over 21 years. As a Joint Commission-accredited staffing firm, we are committed to supporting nurses as they work to provide excellent care and pursue their career goals. If you’re interested in becoming a LeaderStat travel nurse, take a look at our job board to see the exciting opportunities available now!

LeaderStat isn't just another recruiting firm. We are your roadmap. We are your copilot. We are your resource. And most of all, we are your trusted partner.


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