Home Health Services

Our team of consultants can help your home health agency achieve improvements in areas that drive effectiveness and outcome excellence, and reimbursement optimization. Our consulting services are fully customizable to your organization.

Our home health consulting services include:

  • Chart/Claim Audit - A LeaderStat consultant will conduct a quarterly or pre-survey chart review to meet accreditation standards and assess compliance with documentation standards/regulation.
  • ADR Audit - We will conduct an independent review and response for Medicare Additional Document Request (ADR).
  • Rehospitalization Risk Assessment - Our team will conduct a focused review of rehospitalization rates, risk indicators, identification tool at Start of Care (SOC), and recommend strategies to reduce risk.
  • Mentoring for New Clinical Services Directors/Managers - Our experienced consultants provide individualized assistance to facilitate competence of newly hired HH leadership team members. Mentoring provides a comfortable learning environment in which to safely ask questions, identify necessary resources, build confidence, and put the pieces of PDGM, RCD, QAPI into the right places for agency and employee success.
  • Develop HH Policies & Procedures - A LeaderStat consultant will provide assistance with an individualized survey-ready comprehensive emergency management plan and quality assurance performance improvement plan.
  • Additional Consulting Services - QAPI Review, Emergency Management Plan Review, Mock Survey, Referral Process including PDGM, Staffing and Productivity, Progress to Goals, Clinical Financial Report Review, RCD Process Review (FL, NC, IL, OH, TX).

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