Workforce Solutions to Stabilize Staffing

Dreaming of a magical staffing solution? If you’re a nursing home administrator, COO, regional director of operations, or healthcare facility CEO, the answer is probably yes! The next best answer to your healthcare workforce needs is a staffing firm that provides quality nursing staff when you need them.

 Why should you use a staffing firm like LeaderStat?

  1. One call fills multiple open positions.
  2. We have a wide array of qualified applicants.
  3. Both management and hourly workers stand ready to fill your needs.

If those reasons aren’t enough, here’s how staffing firms like LeaderStat can be your trusted partners in the healthcare industry.

Partnerships. Staffing firms provide more than just warm bodies to fill open positions. They offer robust, realistic strategies, like LeaderStat's customizeable Recruitment and Hiring Consulting program, to determine what’s causing your staffing issues and outline short- and long-term solutions to help stabilize your staffing.

Customization. Because staffing is all these firms do, they personalize your experience by investigating your onsite and remote hiring processes. That way, they can tailor their methods to serve your needs better.

Specialized programs. LeaderStat has several programs designed specifically for the healthcare industry. Its Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program provides personalized solutions for each organization’s management needs. Designating one point of contact in a central hub clarifies and organizes the process. Their Certified Medication Aide Program (MA-C) trains Ohio students to administer medications at your facility. The course combines in-class learning and on-site clinical training, taught by seasoned RN clinical instructors.

Top-level recruitment. Finding qualified leaders takes time. Let a staffing firm fill your open positions with short-term contracts or permanent placements. LeaderStat recruits experienced healthcare professionals with a variety of leadership skills to better fit your needs.

 By outsourcing your recruitment needs to a trusted service like LeaderStat, you’ll fill your open positions with top talent—without the headaches. Job listings, reviewing applications, and interviewing candidates will all be things of the past. If your healthcare organization wants customizable solutions to stabilize staffing, contact LeaderStat today.


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