Your Next Big Thing! Why Healthcare Professionals Love Texas

One of the largest and most diverse states in the United States covers 268,581 square miles of terrain in the southernmost portion of the country. If you love the next big thing, and you’re a healthcare professional, consider taking a position in the state of Texas!


Aim for the Stars

If you move to Texas or are traveling on an assignment, you might feel far from home in this large state, but there’s no better place to find common ground and inspiration than the site where mankind has left the comfort of our home planet. NASA’s Space Center in Houston welcomes visitors to take tours through their space museum. The Space Center’s elaborate exhibits invite guests to get an up-close view of rockets, starships, astronaut equipment, and much more. Each exhibit features real aircraft used in different space missions throughout history. The center offers guided tours, interactive experiences, films, and lives presentations.


Texas Loves to Eat

Native Texans, and those that visit, rave about the great state’s barbecue traditions. Typically, slow cooked over an open fire, Texas barbecue is a smoky, tangy favorite that brings visitors in from all over the country. Texas barbecue is known for four different styles of cooking depending on the region of the state. Central, East, South, and West Texas all put their own unique spin on barbecue that is unmatched anywhere else in the country. The good news is that even though Texas is big, you’re bound to be nearby at least one of these regions where you’ll be able to get a real Texas style BBQ experience of your own.


Far from barbecue, but equally close to the heart of Texas is HGTV stars’ Chip and Joanna Gaines’ very own restaurant, Magnolia Table. Located in Waco, Texas, this fan-filled hot spot is a full-service restaurant and serves breakfast daily. It’s no surprise that actually getting a table at Magnolia Table involves a long line of patrons, and lots of patience, but the restaurant’s home-style cooking is worth the wait.


Big State, Big Cities

Whether your health care job lands you in the North, South, East, or West portion of Texas, you won’t be far (relatively speaking) from a major city full of new experiences. Each city offering its own atmosphere is unique in culture, dining, and nightlife. Check out the details on these dynamic cities:


  • Dallas - Dallas is full of life and fun! Featuring an amusement park, zoo, an art park, a Margarita Mile, and countless shopping and dining options, Dallas feels alive.
  • El Paso – A little slower paced, El Paso offers visitors lots of great ways to get out and enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors.
  • Austin – Known for its amazing music festivals, Austin is a booming metropolis that has pulled in newcomers from all across the country. As the fastest growing city in America, Austin is rich with diverse nightlife and culture. One of the many perks the city proudly boasts is the balance of easily accessible outdoor activities and city-life. Visitors don’t have to overload in the bustle of the city and can quickly escape to the outdoors.
  • San Antonio – One of the most historically rich cities in all of America, San Antonio is home to the Alamo and Missions National Historical Park. Arts and culture run deep and numerous museums are waiting to be explored.
  • Houston – Houston, we have a healthcare worker! Not only is Houston home to NASA, it is also an “out of this world” healthcare destination. The Texas Medical Center (TMC) is located in Houston and is “the largest life sciences destination in the world”. The most ground-breaking medical discoveries, top cancer research, and the best care in the world all happen at this amazing institution. The medical practices that take place at TMC impact healthcare across America and the world, from pediatrics to senior living.


If you love everything about healthcare and are looking for your next permanent job or travel assignment, the Lone-Star state is a great place to consider in the next stop on your healthcare career! From deep history, diverse culture, and world renowned medical discoveries, Texas has much more to offer than job experience alone. Take a look at our Texas healthcare jobs on the LeaderStat job board, and start your next big adventure!



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