Ways to Advance Your Career as a Travel Nurse

Taking the plunge into travel nursing has a long list of benefits, from exploring beautiful places to working with fresh faces. With LeaderStat, our goal is to help provide our travel nurses with a greater sense of work-life balance. We completely understand that travelers don’t accept an assignment simply to go to work, care for others, and go back to a hotel room. Being a travel nurse has so much more to offer, including career advancement.

Boost Your Resume
As we know, healthcare workers are in high demand. That means nurses could be up against 20 or more candidates for a single role. Listing travel nursing on your resume will let recruiters and hiring managers know that you’re flexible and willing to take on new challenges. This will help give you a competitive edge over other qualified candidates.

Explore Different Settings
With LeaderStat, travel nurses have options. Travelers can expand their skills and experience in various settings from acute care hospitals to home health and hospice, nonprofits, trauma centers, and community hospitals. Additionally, within each setting, travelers have the opportunity to learn new skills, processes, and equipment. 

Learn from Experts
While on assignment, travel nurses have dozens of experts around them, from clinical nurses to leaders. Accepting assignments in different facilities is a great way to learn how other staff cares for their patients, which in turn can influence how travelers care for their patients in the future. Don’t be afraid to ask someone about the latest clinical skills and techniques. Be a sponge!

Licensure Reimbursement
With LeaderStat, we encourage travelers to seek out professional development opportunities. We offer licensure reimbursement, up to $500 annually, to our travelers. Additionally, we provide information about
how to acquire free CEUs so you can always be learning and expanding your skillset.

Grow Your Professional Network
If you’re considering moving in the future, taking on travel assignments in multiple states across the nation can help you determine where you’d like to settle, either for a while or permanently. Not only will you get to experience new cities and scenery, but you’ll also build trusted professional connections, which can pay off in the long run

Care for a Variety of Patients
Travelers will care for hundreds, if not thousands, of patients during their time on assignment. They may encounter patients who need particularly specialized care, such as those who have dementia, heart failure, hearing or vision loss, or diabetes. This may inspire travelers to consider adding another nursing specialty to their clinical toolbelt, such as
becoming a certified wound care nurse.

Travel nursing offers a flexible lifestyle and a flexible schedule, a chance to explore new places, and experience new and challenging practice environments. At the same time, you enjoy higher compensation, little to no office politics, and a better sense of control. Numerous perks and incentives are also available to travel nurses, such as a wider variety of work experiences, continuous availability of assignments, and a chance to do what you do best, where you want to be, for those who need it most.

LeaderStat isn't just another recruiting firm. We are your roadmap. We are your copilot. We are your resource. And most of all, we are your trusted partner.

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