Volunteer Opportunities While On a Travel Assignment

Why would a nurse who spends every working day assisting patients or residents and their families want to seek out opportunities to volunteer outside of work hours?

It’s true that healthcare professionals give of themselves to care for others, day in and day out, sometimes to the detriment of their own wellbeing. But there’s something uniquely rewarding and even healing about giving of oneself for no other reason than to show kindness and compassion.

The mental and emotional benefits reaped by volunteers are many, including—

  • Stress reduction
  • Mental stimulation
  • Social engagement
  • An enhanced sense of purpose
  • Increased happiness
  • A way to combat depression
  • An avenue for having fun

   Volunteering can even impact one’s career by the opportunities it affords, in ways such as—

  • A confidence boost from trying and accomplishing something new. 
  • The opportunity to learn new skills and gain experience in a field that differs from your job. 
  • The push to take on a new challenge that reveals hidden talents or works toward a personal goal. 
  • New network connections.

Volunteer gigs exist everywhere, near and far. Local opportunities provide a great way to get to know the folks and businesses in your own community. For health professionals on a travel assignment, there’s no better way to make friends and feel a part of the community than by getting involved with local organizations who share your values. For many of these groups, volunteers are the lifeline that allows the organization to continue having a positive impact on the community.

VolunteerMatch can connect you to opportunities wherever you are. If you have an interest in volunteering with a local food pantry, at an animal shelter or chipping in at a non-profit community event, this website is sure to provide dozens of opportunities no matter where your assignment takes you. JustServe is another organization that makes it easy for volunteers to contribute their time, whether in person or at home.


When you aren’t on an assignment and are planning a vacation, a volunteer vacation abroad is a great way to combine the love of travel and a desire to give back. “Volunteer vacations” are growing in popularity as folks seek to make use of their time and talents to serve others while also experiencing a new culture. Opportunities abound for solo travelers, couples, families, and seniors seeking adventure after retirement, in a wide range of project areas including everything from education, construction, and healthcare to childcare, community development and social enterprise to wildlife and conservation.

International Volunteer HQ brings people from more than 150 countries together to create positive transformation through life-enriching travel experiences. They offer volunteer opportunities in over 50 destinations. Many areas previously closed due to COVID have begun to welcome back volunteers.

Communities thrive when people come together and work towards common goals. Being an integral part of this thriving cannot help but have a lasting, positive impact on the lives of those who give of themselves and their time. Whether it’s within your zip code or halfway around the world, consider enriching your own life and the lives of others by volunteering your time to be part of something life-transforming.


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