Staying Home this Summer? Check out These Staycation Ideas

Ah, the joys of summertime. Longer days for enjoying the great outdoors. Family adventures in the sun. And best of all, vacations to exciting locales.

But what happens when vacation dreams hit a snag? Some dedicated healthcare professionals may be reluctant or unable to take the standard number of vacation days this year with the virus creating a strain on healthcare services. For others, current family obligations make a far-from-home vacay too challenging to arrange. Travel restrictions due to COVID-19 may have thrown a wrench into previously arranged plans.

The solution to the demise of your 2020 vacation dreams? A staycation. A “vacation” away from the daily work routine, yes, but rather than travel for this reprieve, you will “stay” at home. Check out these staycation tips that are sure to rescue this year’s vacation season. 



Don’t be fooled into thinking relaxation only happens when you are miles from home. Consider what activities relax you and allow yourself a generous portion of them during your staycation. Pamper yourself with time to do the things you never have time for when working.  


Pack a gourmet picnic lunch for two

Enjoy some quiet couple-time with an indulgent picnic lunch (or breakfast or dinner!) full of special treats, like those you would splurge on while on vacation. Include your favorite take-out foods, chilled beverages, a cozy blanket, or lounge chair, and make your way to a favorite spot. 


Seek out fun-in-the-sun and water venues

Don’t assume all pools, zoos, and water parks are closed. Many are operating with reduced capacity while enforcing social distancing. Many state and local parks are also operating with COVID-19 guidelines in place. Check out the options within one hour of your home and choose a destination that allows you and the family to take in a little sun and water therapy safely. 


Indulge in a movie marathon or binge session

The chances are high that you do not allow yourself the luxury of either during normal, real life. But this is a staycation, and there is no better time to engage in the pure joy of vegging out with your all-time favorite characters. So, stock up on movie-style snacks, slip into something comfortable, and binge away –without one ounce of guilt or remorse.



While many folks list reading as a favorite pastime, few find enough time in their regular schedule to indulge as often as they would like in the written word. Or, if they allow themselves to become immersed in a book, or heaven forbid, a series, the guilt over “wasting time” sabotages the experience. Banish such thoughts and plan to spend a healthy portion of this staycation reading. Be sure to check out the local library’s access to e-books and audiobooks –in case your physical to-be-read pile isn’t big enough (or even if it is).


Tackle a DIY Project at Home

Again, busy schedules too often leave no time for those necessary little projects around the house that have been patiently waiting for attention. Painting the spare bedroom turned office, rearranging the basement rec room to better suit the growing family’s needs, creating a firepit in the backyard. A staycation can readily provide the span of continuous time needed to accomplish these tasks. Even if you’re not one of those folks who find this relaxing, there is still the sense of satisfaction gained from crossing a project off your list.

As healthcare professionals dedicated to caring for the needs of others throughout the year and especially during these challenging times, you must take the time to care for yourself. We salute your valiant efforts and sincerely appreciate you, our heroes.


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