Executive Search – The Retained Recruiting Process

Healthcare organizations that suddenly find themselves with a vacancy in a key position have a lot of work on their hands. LeaderStat’s Premier division specializes in executive search reducing time and stress in the hiring process.  Our team places Presidents, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, as well as senior vice presidents, and interim executives, at all levels and utilizes an extensive process to ensure success.


At LeaderStat, our recruiters spend a great deal of time in the beginning of the process getting to know the culture of the company. Any recruiting firm can find a candidate that has the right knowledge, skills, and experience for a particular position, but our team strives to find the very best candidate for that particular organization and culture. The Premier executive search process starts with conducting on-site interviews with key company stakeholders including leadership, and oftentimes Board Members and others with responsibilities related to the open position. Targeted questioning gives our team a thorough understanding of the organization’s goals, strategic vision, and unique needs, and a profile of the company’s personality. Based on this data, a position description/marketing piece is developed for the client’s approval.


Once both parties agree on the position description/marketing, the process of identifying likely candidates begins. LeaderStat has an advantage here because of our long-standing relationships within the healthcare community. Many recruiters will have a short list of candidates already in mind before the job is even posted, and will reach out to those candidates directly. The LeaderStat Premier process includes screening and interviewing at least 20 potential candidates to create a slate of top candidates. Jim Passias, DO, Executive Search Consultant shares, “The interview process consists of three stages: an initial profile; an interview in which we delve deeply into the candidate’s role, responsibilities and accomplishments; and a digital interview. Questions are tailored to elicit responses that provide specific clues as to whether or not the candidate has the “right stuff,” and extensive background checks are performed.


At this point the client has to do very little, but is kept up to date with regular communication that includes electronic updates and biweekly search reports that describe the efforts to date, and how candidates are being identified. The number of candidates profiled, interviewed, and eventually moved forward to digital interviews are provided. Once a smaller pool of candidates has been created, the client is brought into a more active role. The executive recruiter will present the candidates in a comprehensive document that compares the specific attributes of all candidates.  


Based on the client’s response to these findings, a short list of candidates are selected for interviews, and extensive reference checking is conducted. Face-to-face interviews with the client and candidate are arranged, and can be facilitated by the recruiter if the client chooses. LeaderStat’s Premier recruiters provide structured decision making support that builds consensus among stakeholders. We don’t duck out once an offer is made – we help manage the offer and acceptance process and facilitate compensation discussions.

LeaderStat’s Premier recruiters guarantee our placements. In fact, 98% of our clients’ positions are successfully filled, and 95% of those are still in place after two years. These statistics are possible because we become our client’s partner from the moment the job is vacant until the candidate signs their employment contract. Let us become your partner and help you find the perfect person to contribute to your organization. Call our premiere executive healthcare recruiters at 877-699-STAT to learn more.

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