Operation Happy Nurse: A Free Online Community For Nurses Nationwide

Nurses carry a heavy mental load, both on and off the clock.

Working in fast-paced, demanding environments can certainly lead to heightened stress levels. 

When we think of health, many of us immediately think of physical health. And just as it's important to keep up with screenings, it is critical that nurses care for their mental wellness.

Caring for mental health looks differently for everyone. One way to get started is to learn how to cope with stress in healthy ways. RNs can take that step by joining a community of healthcare professionals who can relate.

Since 2020, Operation Happy Nurse has been a safe haven to hundreds of nurses by providing a free online community that is focused on improving mental health and overall wellbeing.

Operation Happy Nurse (OHN) was founded by NICU nurse Shannon McPeek. Early on in her nursing career, she noticed signs of anxiety, like feeling isolated and overwhelmed. She quickly learned that her fellow colleagues felt similarly and were dealing with depression and other mental health issues.

Because other nurses had similar experiences, Shannon decided to start a community where nursing professionals come together to discuss and cope with work-related stressors.

Why Should I Join Operation Happy Nurse?

OHN offers a variety of ways for nurses to connect and decompress with one another. Additionally, the platform is chock-full of resources, such as:

  • Discussion Boards
  • Book Club
  • Music Playlists of the Month
  • Stress Management Podcasts
  • Exclusive Social Events
  • Nutritional Support
  • Guided Meditations
  • Fitness and Yoga Videos
  • Weekly Recipes
  • Blogs (written by dieticians, nurses, and mental health experts)

OHN keeps their platform secure by making sure every member is a verified nurse. Once signed up, nurses can create their profile and customize their experience based on their interests. 

Can Any Nurse Take Advantage of this Online Community?

Whether you’ve just passed the NCLEX or you’re a seasoned nurse with 20 years under your clinical belt, OHN is happy to welcome you as a member. It is available to nurses (LPNs, LVNs, RNs, BSNs, Nurse Practitioners) completely free of charge, regardless of specialty or tenure in the field.

How Do I Sign Up?

It’s quick and easy. Simply complete the OHN registration form to join a community of 1,000+ nurses from all parts of the country.

Additional Wellness Resources for Nurses

Are you more likely to use an app to manage your mental health? Get access to support on-the-go by downloading these four apps.

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Wellness Resources for Nurses & Healthcare Professionals

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