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LeaderStat has a long track record of interim placements at all clinical and administrative levels of the healthcare industry. We’ve been around long enough to have strong, long-standing relationships with facilities, staff, and executives all over the country. When placing an interim staff/administrator/executive, we do the work of matching cultures with personalities, and needs with experience. As the middleman, all arrangements (even travel) are handled by us so that the interim employee can arrive at a new place and jump right in. In most cases, once the assignment is complete, both the interim and the facility are all the better for the experience. However, every once in a while, an interim placement will find themselves in a difficult, miserable position, wondering what to do.



In almost all cases, our interim professionals love the interim lifestyle and benefits. They enjoy the opportunity to travel, to set their own schedule, balance work and family life, expand skill sets, make a broad impact in the profession, and make far-reaching business connections. They love showing up at a site, jumping in and getting to work on the urgent problem at hand, and often have the pleasure of turning around struggling facilities while educating and motivating staff to continue the good work.



We remain a resource to our interims before, during, and after their assignments. On the rare occasions when our interims run into difficult assignments, we first try to understand the depth of the problem. Is it the travel, staff interaction, interaction with supervisor, management of expectations/priorities by the supervisor? Is it an internal problem with the LeaderStat staff? This discussion is helpful because sometimes the interim hasn’t been able to pin down the source of friction, and figuring out the problem is halfway to solving it. In some cases, given the temporary nature of the assignments, and the knowledge that systemic, long term problems can’t be fixed in a temporary placement, the person just needs to vent to a third party.



When the problem needs to be addressed during the assignment we will jump in to resolve it. Our recruiters can act as a buffer between the interim and the client to smooth over any communication issues. If the issue is deeper, our team of recruiters, consultant specialists, and client relationship managers will negotiate as needed to improve the situation and create an assignment that is rewarding for both the consultant and the healthcare client. Trust us, we want this to work out just as much as our client and interim do – we’ll do whatever it takes.

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