Interim Acute Leaders: Do You Have What It Takes?

Are you versatile, flexible, motivated, and driven? Are you known to have a mix of confidence and enthusiasm with the ability to create a vision? And might all the above be wrapped around a passion for helping others? If you possess these qualities and have experienced success in management positions in a hospital, the crucial question is: "Have you considered a position as an interim acute leader?" If the answer is no, we must ask, "Why not?"


Interim management, the process of hiring individuals with management-level expertise to step in and take charge for three-to-six-month assignments, has become increasingly prominent. During times of extensive change or to quickly fill a gap in management, hiring interim leadership is often the best, most effective option. Due to their extensive experience and expansive skillset, interim directors and managers bring a level of stability to specific areas. During times of upheaval, brought on by any number of scenarios, an interim acute leader experienced in a particular field or department can indeed be a lifesaver.  


Why is the role of an Acute Interim Leader so vital?

Vacancies in key leadership positions can impact every aspect of an organization, from clinical outcomes to employee morale to the company's financial health. The ready-to-go nature of an acute interim leader will shore up everyday operations during the search for the right candidate. As a skilled interim leader, he/she not only ensures a business-as-usual scenario continues but they are also in a position to offer consultation on the facility's operational processes. The interim leader can provide valuable insight into the organization's structure and what adjustments might benefit the facility. Under the guidance of an experienced interim leader, the HR department can feel confident in conducting an unrushed search. Management needs are met, with a keen eye to what could and should be modified—a win-win scenario.


Why take on an interim role? What's in it for the leader stepping into this temporary position? 

The perks are many including—

  • The opportunity to pursue a new career direction
  • The adventure of taking on a challenge
  • The opportunity to utilize years of experience
  • The fulfillment gained by sharing years of acquired skills with an organization in need
  • The chance to be involved in meaningful, rewarding leadership roles

Between the retirement wave sweeping through the ranks of healthcare management and the upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for more qualified leaders to consider interim positions has reached a near-crisis level. As a result, LeaderStat has a growing demand for management professionals who desire to put their experience and skills to work as acute interim leaders. The team at LeaderStat will strive to find you rewarding interim jobs and provide you with an outstanding benefits package. Our team will also handle all travel and housing needs for interims working away from home. 


A fourth question: will you contact the LeaderStat team today about joining their core of acute interim leaders?

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