Increasing Your Census With Mystery Shopping


Most post-acute centers and senior living communities train their staff when they are hired on customer service and touring protocol. But oftentimes, those skills can become a bit sloppy or too casual. When it comes to your community, do potential residents and family members feel a friendly, warm welcome as soon as the phone is answered or when they pop in for a visit? Is it a mystery? If you aren’t sure, it’s time to let LeaderStat’s mystery shoppers make a little mystery work for you.


The benefits of mystery shopping in the retail world are well documented, but service providers stand to benefit even more - customers will forgive a bit of bad service for a hamburger, or pair of shoes they really want; but if what you are selling is your service, one less-than-pleasant phone call is all it takes to lose a customer forever. And in the era of social media, a recounting of a bad experience can spread like wildfire.


In the senior living industry, the manner in which staff interact with potential residents and families is the determining factor in gaining a new resident. How is the phone answered? How are they greeted? Do staff ask probing questions about the family’s situation and/or loved one? Does the tour guide introduce other staff? How do they interact with residents? How do they follow up after a call or tour? For a successful senior living facility, the answers to these questions cannot be a mystery.


Our LeaderStat consultants have found that training alone is not enough to ensure a good first impression. Even the most dedicated, well-trained, well-intentioned staff may not realize they come across as abrupt or disinterested. Mystery shopping, (by phone, online or in-person), provides an objective assessment of the sales team, inquiry and sales process, and follow-up (or lack thereof). Mystery shopping ensures a consistent process and provides immediate results to improve the customer experience, and ultimately, increase census.

Think you could increase census in your building by better understanding how your staff addresses potential residents and family members? The experts at LeaderStat can help! Call 877-699-STAT.

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