How to Nail the Interview: Before, During and After


Some people liken job interviews to dating. Our LeaderStat healthcare recruiters disagree. Talk almost exclusively about oneself during a first date and you will likely not have a second; fail to do so during a job interview and the result is the same. This is your chance to (finally!) openly brag (in a professional way) about your accomplishments. However, we should mention that your pre-interview preparation shouldn’t be all about you. Confused? We’ll explain. Here are our interview tips, straight from our recruiters, for nailing the interview: before, during and after.


Did we mention research? First you need to research the prospective employer, which sounds daunting, but doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple visit to their website can give insight into the company’s mission and culture, and will typically provide a list of staff and personnel that you can research further via LinkedIn. If you’ve got a list of people with whom you’ll be meeting, add them to your LinkedIn surfing. You can get a good sense of the personality of the company, and you can connect with some of the people pre-interview if you'd like.

Next you need to research YOU. Ridiculous as it sounds, interviewers commonly hear “umm” when asking a candidate about a long-past certification or position listed on a resume. Read your resume as though for the first time, and be ready to provide a specific story about an accomplishment at each job, and answer questions about handling best and worst case scenarios, why you changed jobs when you did, and salary expectations. Prep your interview outfit based on your culture research, but always err on the more formal side. In fact healthcare recruiters tell us conservative clothing, make-up and footwear are always the best option in healthcare settings.


Share your successes and make your answers concise, truthful and positive. The senior living industry is a small, connected world, and you don’t want to get a reputation as a complainer or a liar. Be professional, but don’t be afraid to show your personality. You are the world expert on you. Allow this to translate into confidence presenting your unique self. Be engaging and try to connect by asking relevant questions from your pre-interview research. All of this will result in you walking out of the interview feeling good about yourself, even if you ultimately don’t get the job.


Get a business card, and follow-up with an email thanking them for taking the time to meet with you. Follow up ONCE, (do not follow up repeatedly). The exception: if you are working with a healthcare recruiter, do not follow up with the company directly.

LeaderStat recruiters stress that successful candidates prepare for and plan all parts of the interview: before, during and after. Take heed of these interview tips and once you’ve done that, be confident and be yourself. You’ve got this.

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