Holiday Staffing Shortage? How An Interim Manager Can Help

The holiday season and new year can bring about a variety of work issues for hospitals, skilled nursing centers, and other healthcare facilities. One of the most common issues is simply that everybody wants to take time off to spend the holidays with family or even to travel somewhere warmer.

Employees in the new year may also request an extended period of time off for reasons like parental leave or sick leave. On top this, your organization may be facing normal turnover, resulting in sudden vacancies. This increases the demand for services and the need for skilled staff and effective managers.

So what do you do if you have a staffing shortage?


It’s no secret that key positions like directors of nursing, mds coordinators, and RN supervisors help keep your healthcare organization running smoothly. When one of these positions is vacant, whether from normal turnover or fluctuating holiday schedules, it can cause issues for your operation.

When this happens, not only do you have to pick up the slack that was left in their absence, but you also have to allocate resources to finding a replacement. By utilizing an interim manager, you can reduce the negative impact of a staffing shortage and give yourself time to fill the gap.


Interims aren't just a Band-Aid for your vacancy. They have experience and expertise that brings fresh eyes to the table and may result in improvements to the efficiency of your organization. They can give an objective view on what is best for a business and are able to contribute honestly.

Plus, if your previous employee left under not-so-great circumstances, an interim manager can help make significant changes to processes and functions, navigate any bad-feelings that are being harbored, and even reorganize within the department. They bring a new start that can make the transition for a new manager smoother.

Hiring an interim manager means you don't have to assign an existing team member the duties tied to the vacancy, potentially overburdening them or hindering their existing responsibilities.

The process for hiring an interim manager is quick, resulting in very little downtime for your organization. Getting someone seasoned, with great experience and in the door quickly, is critical to mitigating the potential repercussions of the vacancy. Since they have prior experience, they require little training and their onboarding can be done efficiently, leaving you more time to find a permanent employee.


If your organization is facing a staffing shortage and you're in need of an interim manager, enlisting the help of a professional healthcare recruiter may be the way to go. Healthcare recruiters have deep networks of qualified candidates for a variety of positions, from nursing home administrators to RN supervisors that can quickly fill a vacancy in your organization. Candidates are up to date on any regulatory and quality assurance standards, and will set expectations for critical job duties, allowing them to hit the ground running as soon as they are placed.

LeaderStat has an extensive pool of highly experienced and qualified candidates ready to step in and help your organization. Reach out today and quickly fill your vacant leadership positions, ensuring a seamless transition.

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