Financial and Operational Assessments

Ever had a negative experience with a consultant?  I don't know many managers who haven't had one or two.  Here are the most common complaints I have heard; in fact, I "registered" some of these myself when I was a Nursing Home Administrator:

1)   They don't know our business

2)   The in-house interviews become disruptive tell-alls

3)  In the end, consultants simply consult -- they deliver a report, and leave it up to you to figure out how to put the changes into action

The irony of these bad experiences is that consultants, as outsiders, can be in the very best position to offer useful feedback and guidance, and often roll up their sleeves to help implement the changes. Here's why:

Consultants who are focused on one industry have an invaluable perch from which to compare and contrast business models, role development and effectiveness of operations.

Experienced consultants can get to the truth because people tend to be more open with those who aren't part of the organization's hierarchy and inherent internal politics.

The results of their work carry the considerable weight of objectivity. A well-executed consulting assessment draws eyes that were looking around for blame, and turns them forward, together, to look at solutions.

Today's biggest healthcare management challenge

We live in a world of specialists. Particularly in the medical field, roles are increasingly narrowing to accommodate the continuous torrent of regulation, codes and layered mandates. These are not only challenging to correctly interpret, but in some cases, they are arguable in more than one direction. Rather than striving to get it right, it seems that more often, the only available option is to get it justifiable.

This unsettling reality of the healthcare industry means that no one can stay fully on top of all the issues and have the security of knowing you "have it down." What is possible to find, however; is greater peace from knowing you have visibility into your own organization and tools to help you move from surviving to thriving. That is what an insightful consultant with industry experience can help provide.

The LeaderStat approach to operational and financial assessment:

At LeaderStat, when we perform an operational and financial assessment, our initial task is to dispel the common sources of skepticism we referred to above.

1) We pick consultants who do know your business, with considerable intimacy. Your consultants have probably walked in the shoes of the nurse manager or operations director.

2) They are skilled at turning potential tell-alls into focused problem-identification interviews.

3) LeaderStat's follow-up is legendary. Our consultants are there to see you improve deficiencies, optimize reimbursements, empower your best people, and succeed in every avenue that leads to a better bottom line.

Prior to our first on-site visit, we collect key records and other information from you so we can hit the ground running. Our on-site assessment then proceeds, and includes:

  • Analyzing organizational and leadership structure
  • Conducting a sales and marketing assessment
  • Reviewing financial performance, including revenue and reimbursement
  • Assessing therapy development
  • Finding opportunities to contain or reduce staffing needs and create efficiencies around expense control
  • Assessing clinical systems and risk management issues

Our clients realize, on average, a 6 to 9 month ROI on our services. We want to be continuing partners from the point of buy-in through audit completion, and then on an ongoing basis to guide you through future challenges. Our mission is to see that the operational and financial gains continue to flow and optimally benefit your organization.

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