Discover the Advantages of Being a Travel Nurse


Travel nursing is an excellent career for nursing professionals, and we have found more and more RNs choosing this flexible profession and lifestyle. They are typically placed in a nursing position for 13-week assignments, though the placement can be for longer or shorter periods if needed, and some nurses renew contracts multiple times when they find a placement that they really enjoy. With unemployment at an all-time low, and more jobs than job seekers, travel nurses have their pick of healthcare assignments.



The travel nursing lifestyle allows you to have flexibility and control of your work schedule and environment. Most travel nurses work full time and simply move from placement to placement throughout the year, but if you want to take three months off to travel Europe, no problem, just schedule it between placements. Want to spend three months skiing on the weekends, then spend three months heading to the beach in your spare time? Being a travel nurse might be right for you.

Professional growth

Travel nurses find assignments all over the country and in every kind of healthcare organization, and work in environments ranging from university-based research hospitals to busy rural family practices, and everything in between. This provides the opportunity to expand your skill set, your resume, and your professional network.


Financially, travel nursing makes sense. Travel nurses typically command a high hourly wage, and, during the assignment housing, travel, and health insurance are provided.

Mental health

One of the biggest advantages of being a travel nurse is the ability to avoid burnout. Short assignments in different organizations and areas of the country help keep the job fresh. Additionally, a 13-week assignment is typically not enough time to get embroiled in workplace politics, allowing you to focus on the job and the patients, then leave with no hard feelings at the end of the assignment.


Be ready to go

Travel nursing positions are available right now. And while you don’t necessarily have to have your bag packed, it’s best to have a travel wardrobe ready and essentials (like a good suitcase) on hand. Decide in what area you’d like to work, and prepare for the climate of your intended location.

Our recruiters handle all the travel and lodging logistics for all our interim assignments, but you will need to have all your paper work in order – you don’t want your assignment held up over some red tape. Create a folder with copies of your licenses (professional and driving); documentation of (current) vaccines, appropriate titer results, PPD tests, a physician statement; and Basic Life Support card.

Get help

Engage with a staffing firm that specializes in healthcare recruiting, such as LeaderStat. You will want to work with an experienced firm that is Joint Commission-certified, and has a great online reputation on sites such as Indeed and Glassdoor. Interested? We can help you get started! Call us at 877.699.STAT.

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