Perks! How to Find Discounts and Save Money As A Travel Nurse

You work hard for your money! Really, though. Traveling nurses are away from home, learning new work environments, and caring for patients. While the work is fulfilling, travel nursing is completely unique in the ways it presents challenges. We think travel nurses deserve a break or two, and it turns out, we’re not the only ones! Here are some of the best ways for nurses to save money while they’re on the road, and some companies that specifically offer perks to traveling healthcare workers.


Browse Local Pages On Social Media

Social media is a great way for local businesses to advertise specials and discounts. Each town and city typically has different social media pages where you can connect with local events, shopping, and dining establishments. Many local businesses have a close community following and will post their specials or offer special discounts on their social media pages and groups. Doing a quick search on the town where you’re staying could clue you in on all the local hotspots.


Check Coupon Code Websites

There are a few websites that are dedicated to offering up coupon codes for discounts on lots of different brands. One such site is This site breaks down coupons into easy-to-find categories, like daily offers and women owned companies. From free shipping to saving tips, is full of resources.


Search Discounts Specific to Healthcare Workers

You might be surprised just how many companies offer heavy discounts to healthcare workers. From shoes, to meals, to electronics, there are lots of ways you can save money on items you already purchase regularly. If you forgot something at home, realize you need an item you didn’t think of before you left, or you just really want to treat yourself (and you should!), make sure you check the discounts before you buy.


Apps That Help You Save While Traveling

In today’s world we don’t have to search aimlessly through the internet to find deals or great local restaurants. There are apps for that! Eatrel is one such app that will help you find great local restaurants in a new town and will show you the discounts they are offering that day. You can easily find restaurant deals and decide where you want to eat. AroundMe is another great app for travel nurses who are in unfamiliar surroundings. This app will bring up any company near your location, so if you need to find a bank, restaurant, gas, or store, you can easily find it on this app and compare prices so you always save as much as possible. There are so many great apps for travel nurses that we had to put them in a separate blog all on their own!


Be Strategic With Lodging Requests

When you’re thinking about hotels and lodging options for your travel, you know you want to be comfortable, but you should also consider how it will save you money. Choose lodging that is located as close to where you’re working as possible. This will cut down on any extra mileage and gas expenses. Another great way to save money with lodging is finding a hotel that offers continental breakfast, and some even offer a happy hour or cocktail event in the evening with hors d’oeuvres that will help you save on expenses for dinner. Not only will you not have to worry about getting something to eat before and after work, you won’t be spending extra by eating out, and that can add up in money and relaxation time!


Know Your Reimbursement Options

Lots of staffing firms offer their traveling healthcare workers reimbursement for travel expenses or a flat per diem payment that is added onto their regular pay. Make sure you talk with your recruiter about everything that is able to be reimbursed. Don’t be afraid to ask!


At LeaderStat, we are dedicated to helping our travel nurses reach their optimal earning potential. We’re here to help you through each step of your assignment, and expenses are a big part of that! If you’re looking for your next travel opportunity, take a look at our job board to see opportunities waiting for you.


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