Choosing the Right Staffing Firm Makes a Difference for Directors of Nursing

As a Nurse leader, when you are looking for the next position in your career, it is important to partner with a recruiting firm that has your best interests in mind. Whether you are looking for a short-term assignment in your city or are interested in being a travel Director of Nursing, or if you want a new permanent job with a different organization, there are lots of different factors to consider when weighing your options. The right recruiting firm could lead you to an outstanding new opportunity, but with so many different companies to choose from, how do you know you’re making the best choice? Here, we’ve gathered some pointers to help you narrow down your firm search and get you on your way to great new DON jobs!

A Robust Job Board

In recent months there has been an increased need for Directors of Nursing, particularly in the long-term care setting. As demand grows, long-term care organizations turn to their trusted staffing firm partners to help fill vacant roles. A reputable recruiting firm will have lots of jobs available, and those jobs will often cross many sectors of their industry. Some recruiting firm job boards have hundreds, if not thousands of job postings and if their clients are trusting them to fill several job vacancies, the chances are that they’re doing things right with their talent base too. In addition to listing plenty of jobs to choose from, an established recruiting firm should have detailed job postings that highlight reasons why you’ll love the job they’re offering. Being able to fulfill the responsibilities of the job, is a large part of the equation, but it’s not the whole picture. A good indication an employer recognizes this, is one that offers reasons why you’ll love working with them and offers more than a list of job duties up front.

Joint Commission Certification

One key-way you can tell that you’re choosing a great staffing firm is by making sure they have the Joint Commission gold seal of approval. This is the industry standard for quality assurance in healthcare staffing and ensures that the firm is following through with all of the credentialing requirements their clients need to fulfill. This means that the staffing firm is tracking compliance records, alerting their travelers and employees when credentialing is set to expire, and updating their database frequently. Further, it shows that the firm is dedicated to their talent base and their clients’ well-being.

Multiple Service Lines

Choosing a staffing firm that offers multiple different types of Director of Nursing jobs can be a huge advantage. As your career evolves, having a dedicated recruiter that can talk you through changes and opportunities, and put you in front of the right people when the time comes, is an asset. If you’re open to traveling or staying in your hometown, a staffing firm with multiple service lines will be able to offer you both opportunities, which broadens your chances of landing a fulfilling job. Not only are more jobs available with firms offering multiple service lines, but you will also have the added benefit of recruiters under different branches looking out for you in several areas. This increases your chances of landing a great job now and in the future if you decide to make a change.

Resources Provided

Nurse leaders have a great deal of responsibility on the job and a good staffing firm will have many different resources and pieces of information that will aim to help Directors of Nursing on the job and in their career. These resources could include information about job duties, managing teams, and a Director of Nursing job description. Further, if you’re looking for an interim DON job, there should be plenty of resources listed about the different ways the recruiting firm will support you while you’re on a work assignment for them.

If you’re looking for your next Director of Nursing job opportunity, LeaderStat is dedicated to helping you find a great fit! Visit our job board to take a look at all of the openings that could be waiting for you.


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