Choosing a Staffing Firm: Why the 90-day Guarantee Matters

As healthcare organizations weigh the decision to partner with a recruiting and staffing firm, the question at the forefront is this: When it comes to contingent searches, what is the guarantee period if we choose to move forward with a candidate your firm presents?  

Selecting a recruiting firm requires careful consideration of several factors, including— 

  • Choosing a firm that specializes in the unique needs of the healthcare organization. 
  • Gauging a firm’s dedication to consistently focusing on filling open positions promptly. 
  • Research into what, if any, guarantee is offered to back up the firm’s work on behalf of your contingent staffing needs.  

At LeaderStatwe stand behind our tried-and-true recruiting strategies that include a 90-day guarantee period for all contingent search placementsWe feel that this will cover the candidate through the traditional probationary period. Should issues arise, based on skills or cultural fit, this gives the client time to identify and discuss any areas of concern. If the client determines that the candidate is not the best fit for the position during the 90-days, our first line of business is to backfill the opening at no additional cost or exchange of money. If the client chooses a different course of action, a prorated return of the placement fee is offered. 

“Our teamof executive recruiters has devoted extensive time and energy towards a process that consistently places skilled candidates in open positions at some of the country’s most prestigious healthcare and long-term care facilities,” notes Julie Osborne, Director of Recruitment. “Our success stems from our dedication to standing by our clients throughout the entire recruiting and hiring process.” 

LeaderStat’s number one goal has been and will always be this: to be a trusted partner to organizations within the long-term care and healthcare industriesby presenting our clients with the best candidates for every open position. We are passionately committed to ensuring that facilities across the country have exceptional, experienced personnel seven days a week, 365 days a year. 

For twenty-one years, our focus has not wavered. Our experienced team of recruiters has made thousands of right-fit connectionsOur commitment to assisting healthcare organizations across the country in providing top-notch care to their residents and patients is unmatched. Our 90-day guarantee is simply an extension of our goal to be a trusted partner to our clients as we present the best candidates for their open positions.

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