7 Things That Will Impress Your Boss

In the healthcare industry, you often work independently from your direct supervisor so you might wonder how you are perceived by your superiors. Aside from excelling at the technical tasks associated with your job as an administrator, MDS coordinator, nurse, or physician assistant, these 7 things will help you to quickly become the boss’s favorite.

  1. FOLLOW THROUGH and do what you say you will do. Your boss will lose trust in you when you fail to deliver on your promises. Be realistic in what you can accomplish and only commit to what you know you can do. And then, do it!

  2. BE A GOOD CO-WORKER and don’t gossip. Chatting with your colleagues is valuable to building relationships that foster teamwork, but when it crosses over to the ugly, it makes for a toxic work environment. If you are a positive force among your coworkers by avoiding the negativity, supporting them, and promoting teamwork, your boss will have less drama and will be able to spend her time on more worthwhile tasks.

  3. MAKE YOUR BOSS’S LIFE EASIER by being her “boots on the ground.” Along with setting the tone among your boss’s direct reports with your positive example, you can be the advocate for her initiatives. If you see something that isn’t working well, go to your boss with a request instead of a complaint. Replace “I hate it when…” with “I’d rather see…” and your boss will appreciate that you are looking for solutions instead of just the immediate problem. And while you’re at it, try to solve a problem for your boss, not just your own.

  4. MANAGE YOUR OWN GROWTH by asking for the opportunities you need to develop skills. Take the initiative to further your own learning. Volunteer to train or mentor another nurse or team member. This also applies to goal setting. Don’t wait for your boss to tell you what to shoot for; show her you’re driven by defining and achieving your own stretch goals.

  5. BE A GOOD HUMAN by consistently demonstrating honesty, empathy, reliability, confidence, and resourcefulness. We like people with all the good qualities and bosses are no different. They will gravitate to the employees who prove their integrity. Making this your priority will bring you success in all life areas.

  6. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY instead of making excuses. When you make a mistake, own it and learn from it. Then, move on. Everyone makes mistakes and dwelling on them impedes your ability to grow.

  7. LISTEN to everyone, especially your boss. Good listeners are more productive, are better problem solvers, have healthier relationships, and make better colleagues. When you listen well, your boss will appreciate feeling like you take her words seriously.

What do you think about this list? What would you add? If you’re wondering how you’re doing, check out this list of 15 signs your boss is impressed with you.

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