6 Tips for Staying in Touch with Family and Friends While on Assignment

The opportunity to experience new people and places makes a career as a travel nurse so appealing. The allure of sites, scenery, and cultures that differ from one’s hometown draws many healthcare professionals to travel nursing.

The days will be packed as you settle into a new residence and job. But, amid the busyness and excitement, it’s essential to stay connected to friends and family back home. These folks have been there for you and you for them, and there’s no reason that a few hundred or thousand miles have to change those relationships. Thanks to technology, the list of ways to stay in touch with those closest to you is long and growing. Here are a few ideas to get your staying-connected ideas flowing.

1. Daily texts

A cheery good morning message only takes a minute. If you have a bit more time, a few back-and-forth texts during lunch or a relaxing chat at the end of the day can make home and those you love not to seem so far away.

2. Facetime

The miles will melt away at the sight and sound of the much-loved people in your life. But life gets hectic, so schedule Facetime appointments with your closest family members and best buds rather than go with the “let’s chat soon" approach! Maintaining close relationships requires intentional action, so make getting together a priority to ensure that weeks won’t slip by without the chance to see each other’s faces.

3. Updates on social media

Connect with your many friends via social media platforms by sharing pictures and news about the exciting places and discoveries you’re encountering in your new locale. People will love hearing about your adventures and learning about all the area offers.

4. Host a game night

Many websites and apps offer options for virtual fun and games with friends far and near. Catch up and enjoy hanging out during a night of board games with the help of Board Game Arena. Bring some competition to the table with a weekend tournament, and why not introduce family and friends from back home to your new locale co-workers and friends?

5. Follow a series or spend a weekend binge-watching together

Tune into a fave television show each week or binge-watch a series together. Share comments and commentary via text or chat on the phone while watching. Or, take the experience up a notch by using Teleparty, the free web browser extension application that lets you watch media simultaneously with up to 50 people in different locations.

6. Make a call

Technology has afforded us so many electronic ways of staying in touch that we tend to forget the old-school telephone call. We send texts, pay bills, maintain a calendar of appointments, take pictures, send pictures, do research, and navigate to where we need to go, keeping our cell phones ever close. But initiate a call? Hmmm . . . maybe later. Resist the modern notion that telephone calls are out of fashion. Call your family and friends.

Friends and family can be integral to your life while on a travel assignment. It’s up to you to make it happen.



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