6 Reasons to Take a Local, Short-Term Nursing Assignment

Travel nursing certainly has its perks – new work environments, fun places to explore on days off, higher hourly pay and an untaxed stipend to cover travel expenses. However, even seasoned travelers who have 10+ assignments under their nursing belt may be looking to slow down and stay at home for a while. And no, you don’t necessarily have to go back to working a full-time job. If you’re yearning for the perks of travel contracts without all the hustle and bustle, consider finding a staffing firm that offers local, short-term travel assignments.

Here are six reasons why nurses and CNAs should consider a local contract:

  • You get to sleep in your own bed and have access to all of your things. No worries about packing a suitcase and paying extra costs to check your bag at the airport. Traveling can be especially risky during winter, whether you’re driving or flying. When wintery conditions emerge, you’re more likely to experience flight delays, cancellations, and car trouble. Taking a short-term contract close to home can give you (and your loved ones) peace of mind about your day-to-day safety.

  • Family and friends are close by. This is especially nice during the holiday season and if you have children, family, or pets that might need cared for while you’re at work. Securing a local contract can feel comforting for healthcare workers who tend to get lonely or worry about being somewhere new all on their own. Being close to your support circle definitely has its perks!

  • Flexibility – you can still experience the benefits of travel nursing when you take a local contract. For example, you can expect to get higher pay, set your own schedule, pick up extra shifts, meet new clinical professionals, and avoid burnout. And if you still need to secure income and don’t want to put in tons of hours, there are options for part-time contracts (where you’d be banking anywhere from 20-30 hours per week).

  • It’s your first time exploring the idea of travel nursing. If you’ve only ever worked full-time, switching to a short-term nursing contract can be scary. Before you pack your bags and take off to an unknown area of the country, dip your toe into the travel nursing pool by opting for a contract that’s close to home, whether it’s down the street or 50 miles away. Eliminate the extra worry of booking a flight, finding a rental car/housing, and not knowing your way around.

  • You don’t have to worry about missing important mail or packages. Travel nurses and Travel CNAs who work further away from home have a variety of options for their mail while they’re away, but sometimes that can be a hassle or cost you extra money. When you’re coming home each day after work, it’s less likely that your mail or packages will get lost.

  • Eliminate FOMO. FOMO stands for “fear of missing out.” If you’re on a travel contract in another state, you might see friends posting about their awesome experiences on social media. When you’re on a contract at home, you’ll get to enjoy those moments with friends and loved ones – no missing out!

We fully understand that leaving the comforts of home and taking on travel nursing can feel scary, especially if you’re planning to take family members or pets.

Whether you’re looking for a travel nursing contract in a hospital setting or a CNA contract in long-term care, LeaderStat has hundreds of options for those who want to stay local and for those who are ready to hop on a plane and feed their sense of adventure.


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