5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Travel LPN Job

If you’re a licensed practical nurse and you haven’t considered a travel LPN job, now may be the time! Nurses are in demand across the healthcare continuum in the U.S. which has led to an increase in need for nurses that are willing to travel to different locations frequently. While the thought of traveling can be exciting for most, we understand that it probably comes with some reservations as well. You want to make sure you weigh all the pros and cons of travel nursing before you jump in, so we gathered some key points below to help you make the best decision for your career.


  1. New experiences and challenges!

Perhaps you have worked in the same position for several years and are looking for a new challenge. This is when a travel LPN job could be a great fit. Taking on an interim assignment allows you to step in at another organization and make a real difference. You will broaden your skillset by learning different systems and processes and this professional development could help you with career advancement. Taking on new challenges can also help you avoid burnout as a change of pace and surroundings can alleviate some of the “same old same old” drudgery, leaving you feeling renewed even without taking a vacation.


  1. Explore a new city

One of the most loved “perks” of travel nursing is traveling! Nurses are needed throughout the country which means plenty of opportunities for an assignment in a new locale. Each new job can become its own adventure with new experiences, people to meet, and places to see. Whether you are looking for an LPN job in a bustling metropolis or a small rural town, chances are there is an interim opportunity available. Exploring new destinations also means that you’ll have the chance to work with a greater diversity of patients and become knowledgeable about their healthcare needs. This will help you be more versatile and well-rounded as a healthcare professional.


  1. Control what assignments you take and where you take them

Most travel LPNs work with a staffing firm that offers several different job opportunities at any one time. This means that it will be easier to take control of when, how long, and where you work. As a travel LPN, you’ll have a recruiter that can help you set the terms and duration of your travel assignment from the get-go. This helps you have control over the details and allows you to set-up plenty of room for work-life balance.


  1. Meet new people and make new friends!

When you travel there are often more opportune moments to meet new people and even form friendships. Whether you’re waiting on a flight, dining out, or sight-seeing, you may find times where you connect with fellow travelers with a common interest or destination. Once on a work assignment, you’ll have opportunities to meet new colleagues or other traveling nurses that you might not have met otherwise.


  1. Create Memories

Above all, working as a travel nurse allows you to create more memories and have stories to tell! With lots of opportunities for day-trips, sight-seeing, dining, and new environments, you’ll be sure to take home more than work-skills. There is actual scientific evidence showing that traveling prompts your brain for learning and better memory. So not only will travel give you memories in itself, it will help you learn more easily and retain those memories over time. You’ll be exercising your brain, literally challenging it for mental growth and better career performance.


If you’re new to travel nursing, we are sure you have some questions. Check out our frequently asked questions blog article for answers to some of the most common questions we hear from travel healthcare professionals, or reach out to one of our friendly recruiters by calling 877.699.STAT. You can also complete our easy Join Our Network online form, and one of our team members will get in touch with you!


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