5 job interview tips from a hiring insider

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Almost everyone has bombed at least one job interview at some point in their career. Maybe even you! Anyone who has experienced a painful exchange with a potential employer will likely chalk it up to lack of preparation.

Even if you think it wasn’t, it probably was. You can be a successful candidate by beginning your preparation even before your resume is submitted and continuing it through the interview process with these job interview tips.  


1. Research everything
This includes the employer, the opportunity, AND the interviewer. Before you apply for a job, you should have a basic understanding of the employer’s organization, who it serves, and what employees think. After you are invited to interview, dig deeper. Check out press releases, organization information beyond the scope of your prospective role, and reviews to get a full picture of how the organization is performing and the impression outsiders have of it.

Don’t forget to ask who will be interviewing you so you can check out his or her LinkedIn profile and who’s who page on the company website. Getting to know more about the person will put you at ease and allow for a natural personal connection.

2. Solve a problem
Hiring managers love people who can see a solution in a messy situation. Healthcare jobs are notorious for complex, often emotional, situations. Have specific scenarios ready to go that demonstrate your effectiveness when functioning in these conditions. This is where you can powerfully illustrate exactly why you are the perfect candidate.

3. Sing your praises
Tell your interviewer directly why he or she should hire you. That’s why you’re there! The more narrative you can provide, the better. Rather than saying, “I’m detail-oriented,” provide an example of a time when your attention to detail made a difference in someone’s care. Formulate a handful of stories that demonstrate a variety of skills to make it easy to seamlessly insert them into the conversation.

4. Interview them right back
You’ve probably been told before to ask thoughtful questions to seem knowledgeable and insightful. Of course, this is good advice! But, don’t forget an interview is just as much for you to confirm you really want the job as it is for them to decide if they want you. It is impossible to know prior to working a job whether you will love it, but ask questions about coworker interactions, work-life balance philosophy, and things that are important to you to get the best picture possible

5. Ask for what you want
What is important to you in a position? Salary? Time off? Schedule flexibility? Career opportunities? Knowing what you need before you begin will help you articulate it when you are asked what it will take to bring you on board.


Walk away. If you just aren’t feeling it, don’t be afraid to walk away. Graciously, of course (and after the interview!).

If it turns out the employer is not a good fit, start planning your exit. There is no need for a long awkward goodbye or, worse yet, ghosting your “almost-employer” at a later phase. 

You are not obligated to provide a detailed explanation of your concerns but be upfront about your decision. Employers will appreciate your candid approach and respect for their time. 

Prepare early with research. Prepare during with the smart attire and prompt arrival. Prepare after by remembering what you learned during the conversation to integrate into the rest of the interview process. Now that you’re ready, be yourself and go get it!

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