The Benefits of Having a Mentor

Whether you’re a seasoned travel nurse or just starting your career, consider finding a mentor. Wouldn’t it be great to connect with an experienced professional in your field who can offer guidance and support? A mentor will understand the very complex ins and outs of nursing and can offer helpful tips and tricks to help you handle difficult situations, including how to prevent burnout.

Think of a mentor as a perfect combination of the following: a trusted peer, teacher, advocate, and motivator.


Here are the top reasons to consider seeking out a mentorship program:


  1. Mentors offer solid career advice. If you’re looking to move into a more senior position in the healthcare industry as a nurse, finding a mentor with the job title you aspire for can provide the steps you need to take to achieve your goal. It can be especially vital if you’re looking to move into a regional role or a vice president eyeing a move to the C-suite. However, mentors can offer career advice for any level.

  2. Mentors share their experiences. Because they’ve done it all and seen it all, mentors are willing to share the good, the bad, and the ugly. Having a trusted nurse on your side can help ease your mind, especially if you’re brand new to navigating #nurselife. Mentors also provide best practices about specific tasks and can help you to address conflict resolution strategies.

  3. Mentors provide a safe place to vent. Having someone who understands and has probably gone through what you’re going through can be extremely helpful in sticky, on-the-job situations. New nurses often have the feeling that they aren’t doing enough or that they’re not respected by more veteran nurses on their unit. Mentees should be able to comfortably confide in their mentor with a one-off or continuing issues in the workplace.

  4. Mentors help with goal achievement. Whether it’s personal or professional, mentors can guide you on effective goal setting, such as creating SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely). With a mentor, you can discuss progress or determine what’s getting you off track with your goals. Mentors also provide accountability, an often-crucial component of meeting your goals.

  5. Mentors encourage. When you’re struggling with an assignment or work/life balance, a mentor is there to offer encouragement and a listening ear. A mentor can give just the right mix of motivation and understanding needed to keep you moving forward.

  6. Mentors connect. By its very definition, interim employment means constantly meeting new people in new areas – new coworkers, new friends, and new patients. A mentor can help you connect with other professionals across a variety of settings. Chances are that mentors have years (maybe even decades) of networking under their belts. Make sure to ask them about their best connections and how they made them. Whether in-person or virtual, there are tons of avenues to help you learn about new opportunities for growth.

  7. Mentors tell the truth. While friends or family might not want to hurt your feelings by pointing out an area of weakness or disagreeing with your take on a situation, a mentor knows constructive criticism is an essential tool in personal and professional growth. As a trusted ally, a mentor can tell you the truth and share insights into necessary changes or a different way of approaching a situation or conversation.


Having a mentor could be the right move for you as a travel nurse, especially if you’ve never had one. If you are a nurse who has decided that you are ready to actively pursue a nurse mentorship, check out the American Nurses Association (ANA) Membership Program. ANA breaks down the program requirements for both mentors and mentees, including guided connection plans, mentorship length, and what to expect.

Not quite ready for a mentor? Take the time to skim through Nurse Together. The content of this site is both written and reviewed by Registered Nurses and has information on everything from care plans to continued education to lifestyle.



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