Choosing an Acute Leadership Recruitment Firm–Asking the Right Questions

Choosing the best person for your interim acute healthcare leadership role is critical to ensuring that organizations operate efficiently and successfully while searching for a permanent replacement. So, partnering with an experienced recruiting firm may be one of the wisest decisions a healthcare organization ever makes. 

On the flipside, the same is true for candidates looking for their next interim acute leader position. Just as a recruiting firm brings a wealth of expertise and a toolbox of resources to facilities seeking these highly qualified interim leaders, the same is true for candidates who are seeking out the best fit.

Choosing the right firm for your unique situation is a crucial consideration. Digging into a firm’s areas of expertise and the depth of its resources will help you make an informed decision.

Asking thoughtful questions such as those below can help acute interim leaders uncover the best recruiting firm for their next assignment. 


How long have you been in business? 

New staffing firms are created every day. Focus on those that have longevity as well as an established reputation amongst fellow healthcare workers in your network. Newer firms will not have the established network of contacts nor trusted relationships with renowned hospitals or long-term care buildings, which can affect your number of potential assignment options.


What expertise do you have with recruiting in my industry?

What you are looking for is quantifiable, results-oriented information rather than vague answers like “extensive experience in XYZ” or “multiple facilities rely on our staffing services.” Pertinent questions regarding expertise include:

  • How many facilities currently partner with the firm? 
  • How many acute interim leaders has the firm placed in the past six months? 
  • What specific C-suite positions have they filled in the last year? 

Will I be working with the same person throughout my assignment?

It is essential to ask this question and determine how the answer aligns with your expectations. Regardless, partnering with a recruitment firm committed to you before, during, and after the assignment begins is vital. 


What do I do if I have a problem after hours?

A detailed plan should be in place for managing after-hours concerns, both those that qualify as emergencies and those of a less urgent nature. Accurate contact information should be readily available for you to receive timely support. 


The bottom line: learn all you can about the recruiting firms you’re considering so that you can determine which one genuinely has your best interests at heart and with whom you will feel at ease. Don’t forget to read online reviews on Glassdoor and other sites and also check the Better Business Bureau to ensure legitimacy.


When you partner with LeaderStat on an interim acute leadership role, you aren’t alone. We serve as your partner throughout your entire assignment, from the initial placement to onboarding and travel needs, to anything that may need to be addressed or corrected. While you’re great at navigating and overcoming variables in the workplace, LeaderStat works to serve as your constant, reliable partner.

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