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Everything You Need to Become a Travel CNA

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Whether you’re new to travel or just want a quick breakdown of what’s required to come on board with LeaderStat, we’ve got you covered!


  • CNAs must have at least 6 months to 1 year of experience working in a long-term care setting (skilled nursing facility, assisted living, memory care) or a hospital setting.
  • LeaderStat now places CNAs in hospital settings! Previously, we only had opportunities for CNAs in long-term care. In a hospital setting, CNAs could expect to work on a unit such as Med-Surg.

Assignment Length


How To Become A Travel CNA - Pillar Page Images (2)-1Typically, our travel assignments in long-term care settings are 30 days with the option to extend. In some cases, the facilities may ask a candidate to commit to an 8-week or 10-week assignment.

In a hospital setting, it is normal to see 13-week contracts.


How To Become a Travel CNA - Pillar Page Image Clock

• Overtime is typically available at the rate of time and a half (e.g., if your hourly pay rate is $25/hour, overtime will be paid out at $37.50/hour).


  • • Schedules are set by the facility, so LeaderStat is unable to guarantee a certain amount of overtime, as this depends on current staffing levels once your assignment begins.

How To Apply

Apply directly at www.leaderstat.com/apply-now. Once we receive your application, we’ll set up your candidate profile and have a specialist reach out to you via call or text to discuss preferences, availability and next steps.


How To Become A Travel CNA - Pillar Page Images (3)-1If you're planning to take an assignment that's more than an hour away from your residence, take a look at housing options in the area.

In some cases, the building may offer housing on-campus. 


As of January 203, LeaderStat has shifted toward the stipend program. This means that while on assignment, travelers receive an untaxed sum of money (weekly) to cover housing and transportation costs. Stipend amount will vary based on city, state, and time of year.

Stipend amounts are set by the GSA website. There are two stipend separate categories: lodging, and “M&IE” which stands for meals and incidental expenses.


For travel assignments, a stipend for meals is allotted via the GSA website.

In instances where the client building is providing on-campus housing, they may also provide meals. Double check with your recruiter to verify.

Licensure and Documents

  • Must be state-tested and hold a current CNA license and/or reciprocity in the states where you’d like to take an assignment
    * We are unable to accept temp licenses. Our client facilities require that all CNAs be state-tested and licensed.
  • COVID-19 vaccination card or valid declination
  • Two-step TB test or chest X-ray (within the last 12 months)
  • Physical (within the last 12 months)
  • Basic Life Support/CPR must be up-to-date and via the American Heart Association
  • References (3) from current and/or past supervisors
  • An updated resume (Word Doc or PDF) with no gaps in work history

Getting Reciprocity: Free States


Some states have a fee associated with getting reciprocity, while others are totally free. To make it simple, we’ve included a quick list of free (green) states:

free reciprocity states1

If you’re interested in getting reciprocity in other states, please visit www.leaderstat.com/licensure, scroll down to the second map (the white map) and click on the state of your choice.

Clicking on the state will take you directly to the state’s Board of Nursing website, where you can access the CNA reciprocity forms.

Once you complete and submit the forms (some must be mailed while others can be faxed or emailed) you will receive official confirmation that you are now listed on the state registry list.

How To Get Placed Quickly

  • Make sure your resume is up to date and properly formatted
    ** Save your resume file as a Word Document or PDF (we are unable to accept screenshots or JPGs of resumes)
  • Submit your application when you’re ready to start an assignment ASAP, within a week or so.
    * We get new jobs every day and our goal is to fill those openings quickly.
    * If you aren’t available to start for 6-8 weeks, we won’t be able to look for openings for you until you’re ready to start.
  • Once you’re contacted by a recruiter, pick a good time to do your initial pre-screen phone call where you won’t be interrupted or distracted
    * This phone call usually takes 15-20 minutes
    * If you’re a good fit, you’ll receive an email from the recruiter asking you to complete a background check – try to do this within 24 hours!
  • Be honest with your recruiter.
    * If you get an offer with another company or something personal comes up and you can’t commit to an assignment after you’ve received an official offer, please communicate that with the recruiter so we can make a note on your candidate profile, and still consider you for future assignments.

Preparing For Your Travel Assignment

How To Become A Travel CNA - Pillar Page Images (4)-1You might be wondering what to pack. The best piece of advice that we hear from fellow travelers is “Don’t overpack!”

  • Scrubs in the appropriate color (make sure you find out which color to wear first!)
  • Comfortable, durable work shoes
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Work bag/tote
  • Compression socks
  • Emergency phone numbers – written in a notebook
  • Important documents: driver’s license, prescriptions
  • Any personal items that will comfort you (blanket, photos, coffee mug, etc.)
  • A few outfits to explore in on your days off
  • Electronics – phone charger/cords, tablet, headphones, Nintendo Switch


Travel CNAs come on with LeaderStat as W2 employees, which means they will receive benefits such as medical, dental and vision insurance, weekly pay, mileage reimbursement, licensure reimbursement and more.

To learn about the latest travel CNA assignments, join our private Facebook group.

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