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Everything You Need to Know About RDOs

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Regional Director of Operations Job Description

A Regional Director of Operations (RDO) is primarily responsible for the management of Administrators and multiple health care centers within a region of the United States. Through their leadership, RDOs are responsible for achieving company goals and census growth, employee relations, business trends, and ensuring that company policies and standards are being met by each center. RDOs are specifically tasked with the management of the Administrators in their region, and work alongside them to ensure they develop personally and professionally.  The job duties of a Regional Director of Operations generally include:

  • Management of administrative operations and personnel
  • Ensuring care of residents is of the highest quality and meets company standards
  • Working to establish positive employee relations
  • Increasing census growth at each center
  • Overseeing federal and state surveys and ensuring regulatory standards are met
  • Working to implement company programs and values
  • Overseeing a defined return on investment for the company as a whole
  • Identifying business trends that will affect assigned centers
  • Implementing plans and processes to maintain productivity and profitability
  • Holding Administrators professionally accountable in order to work towards company goals
  • Traveling to each center to be a present part of the team and provide hands-on leadership

Regional Directors of Operations enjoy a position in which they have the ability to make an impact on the success of their assigned facilities and staff. Strong candidates are devoted to educating on best practices, have an in-depth understanding of local, state, and federal regulations, and are passionate about providing exceptional care to the residents they serve. Additionally, a strong RDO has a vast understanding of business plans, and how their industry and region will be affected by market trends. They are responsible for using competitive intelligence in preparing their facilities to meet changes within their market to ensure their centers stay productive and profitable. RDO’s typically oversee several centers within their region and are required to travel to each location on a consistent basis. Travel expectations can vary based on the geographic locations of their assigned region, but most RDO’s are expected to travel away from home multiple times per month.  Depending on center location and the level of involvement needed from corporate management, travel may include flying and hotel stays for several days or more.

RDOs play a vital role in the success of the centers they oversee, and ultimately, the company as a whole. The ability to blend their business know-how with extensive knowledge of long-term care, is extremely important in maintaining and improving the success of their region. The work of an RDO is focused on profitability, while simultaneously providing the highest quality of life to seniors. These two points are major focuses of most long-term care organizations, in which RDO’s have a direct impact.  As such, individuals in this role assume a great amount of responsibility, but also enjoy a career that offers measurable success that makes a true difference in the lives of the people they serve.

Job Titles Related to Regional Director of Operations

Regional Directors of Operations carry many responsibilities and their official job titles vary in order to best describe their individual roles. These titles include:

  • Regional Director of Operations (RDO)
  • Operations Director
  • Regional Program Director
  • Assisted Living RDO
  • Director of Operations
  • Regional Administrator

Regional Director of Operations Job Requirements

Regional Director of OperationsCandidates for a Regional Director of Operations role will have at minimum a Bachelor of Science degree, or a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. Strong candidates will have a Master’s Degree in Nursing. Candidates for this role will be an active Licensed Nursing Home Administrator (LNHA), or eligible for licensure from the state in which their centers are located, will have a minimum of five years of multi-site management or regional management experience, a proven ability to maintain good regulatory compliance and clinical outcomes, as well as exceptional communication skills. Staff development experience in long-term care can be a benefit to someone interested in pursuing a regional role. The ability to be an effective leader is an extremely important asset for those seeking to become an RDO. Anyone considering an RDO role will need to possess an innate desire to support their employees, help them grow both personally and professionally, and work together to make a positive impact in the lives of the seniors they serve. Additionally, a great candidate for an RDO role will have an ability to track industry trends, create business plans, and set team goals in order to maintain company growth.

Additional Requirements for Regional Directors of Operations

As a Regional Director of Operations, there are several pieces of credentialing that will need to be kept current. RDOs will need to keep an active and unencumbered Nursing Home Administrator license issued by the state in which they’re working. In order to keep their license active, a minimum of 40 hours of approved CEUs must be completed every two years, along with a renewal fee. An RDO will also need to keep a current annual physical, Tuberculosis screening, and background check. Additionally, some employers may also require regular drug screenings.

Regional Director of Operations Salary Range

Glassdoor.com notes that someone in a Regional Director of Operations role within the long-term care industry can expect a salary range between $64,000 and $155,000. Depending on regional location, census, and previous experience, salaries for this role can vary greatly. Some companies also offer a bonus plan that is dependent on the success of the RDO.

Regional Director of Operations - Salary

Job Outlook for Regional Directors of Operations

Regional Director of Operations Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), states that the job outlook for Medical and Health Services Managers, such as Regional Directors of Operations, is very good! The need for Regional Directors in long-term care is expected to grow by 18% from 2018 to 2028. Two reasons for this growth is our population is aging and living longer and changes within the hospital industry are driving shorter hospital stays resulting in longer post-acute care needs.  

Knowledgeable, compassionate, and dedicated long-term care candidates are in a unique position above other industries for substantial job growth in the coming years.

Job Hunter Resources

Individuals pursuing a career as a Regional Director of Operations can look to the American Health Care Association for resources such as their Long Term Care Career Center. AHCA also offers information and data that will be helpful to RDOs once they’re employed and are working to support long-term care centers.

Argentum is a senior living association that offers a wide range of resources, research, and advocacy. They also offer a Senior Living Career Center which will help RDOs start their job hunting process.

LeadingAge is a well-known and respected association for advocacy of our aging population. They also offer a robust career portal for job seekers, dedicated to linking great employers with qualified candidates.

LeaderStat offers a variety of resources from articles on how to advance your career, and can help you find a great Regional Director of Operations position with a top long-term care organization. Our Senior Living Recruiters have a vast understanding of the current senior living industry and are a great resource for candidates looking to take the next step in their long term care career. From resume tips, to giving a great interview, our Recruiters are here to support you every step of the way!

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