Ready To Find Your Next Locum Tenens Or Permanent Position?

Advanced Practice Providers are in extremely high demand and LeaderStat places Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and  Physician Assistants (PAs) and Physicians in temporary and permanent positions all around the country. As leaders in the field we are contacted by clients ranging from large hospitals and acute care centers, to private practices, to senior living facilities, looking for qualified, experienced providers who can quickly step in to a clinical role and help the organization.

Our Providers often fill in when a client has a sudden vacancy and doesn’t want to be short-staffed while going through the process of filling the position permanently. Our providers also cover maternity leaves and temporary positions/projects when needed.

LeaderStat clinicians provide much-needed stability and have the opportunity to effect lasting improvement to the quality of care and success of the organization.


Providers: Ready for the Challenge

Considering a career as a locum tenens provider? As a locum, you can have the flexibility to choose the location and practice site that best suits your experience and skill set. LeaderStat is an expert in placing interim healthcare consultants. We use our travel expertise and customer service excellence to maximize your locums experience. We understand your value as an advanced practice provider and we will support you throughout your assignment.

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Why Locum Tenens?

Locum tenens providers love the flexibility and autonomy their role offers. Travel, work with varied patient populations, and take breaks between assignments – locum assignments let you “hit the refresh button” on your career.

Interim work is becoming increasingly popular. Interim professionals not only enjoy the opportunity to travel, they also can set their own schedule, balance work and family life, expand skill sets, make a broad impact in the profession, and make far-reaching business connections. These placements are often fulfilling for the provider and a lifesaver for organization: winning all around. 

Being a locum tenens provider makes you adaptable and will help improve your clinical skills. The challenge of each new assignment makes you a stronger, more versatile provider.


What Does LeaderStat Locums Do for Me?

Our LeaderStat recruiters are experts at interim placement. We use our travel expertise and customer service excellence to place ideal candidates in all fifty states. However, our service doesn’t end at placement. We want clients and providers to be happy throughout the assignment.

After placement, we provide continued follow up and support in the form of weekly and monthly check-ins with the provider and the client to ensure expectations are being met. If an assignment isn’t working out, we’ll step in to help. If an assignment is working out really well, and the provider wants to make it permanent, we will help broker those discussions. 

Let us source client sites, manage your travel, and facilitate compliance with licensures and prescriptive authority while you focus on providing top notch care to your patients.


Our experienced network of clients, and customer service set us apart from other firms.